NBC's Hurricane Expert Scorns Team Bush, But Gives Thumbs Up to Nagin

May 23rd, 2006 6:46 AM

Beware of supposedly objective scientists and their not-so-secret political opinions. At the tail end of "Today" on Monday, MRC's Geoff Dickens found that one Louisiana scientist had a two-faced moment on Hurricane Katrina. Al Roker asked: "We had historian Douglas Brinkley here and his book The Great Deluge and he suggested that, that Homeland Security's Michael Chertoff should resign. What's your take on that?"

Ivor Van Heerden, author of a new book simply titled "The Storm," seemed to agree that Chertoff should go, as NBC showed a photo of Chertoff and former FEMA boss Michael Brown: "I think that if you do not have disaster experience, you shouldn't be in these positions of leadership. You need to have folk who have been through the fire, so to speak to understand all the complexities of dealing with a disaster. It, it's wrong to bring in folk who do not have that experience." But experience wasn't everything when it came to Ray Nagin:

Roker: "Just this weekend Ray Nagin reelected as the Mayor of New Orleans. Were you surprised?"

Van Heerden: "No, no I thought he would win. You know, there was a lot of crossover votes, so to speak. I think folk see him as somebody who's been through the fire who now understands everything that can go wrong and so wanted to put their trust in him."