Jonah Goldberg: Reuters Can't Be Sure About 9-11 Perps?

May 17th, 2006 8:09 AM

Jonah Goldberg complained on The Corner:

I'm sorry, but this really makes me furious. Reuters, after five years and Osama Bin Laden's videotaped admission, still uses locutions like this to decribe the 9/11 attacks:

U.S. authorities have said five al Qaeda hijackers seized control of American Airlines Flight 77, a flight from Washington Dulles International Airport in northern Virginia bound for Los Angeles, and flew it into the Pentagon.

"Have said"? If this is still in doubt, Reuters should have a team of reporters working around the clock to nail down the story. If it was a different news organization, I might give them the benefit of the doubt and leave room for the possibility they were just crediting the number of hijackers to the US government's version or some such. But, this is Reuters, and you know they're saying something very different.