Kudos To Dana Milbank For Quoting NOW Protest Taunts

December 1st, 2005 9:03 AM

Kudos to Washington Post columnist in reporter's clothing Dana Milbank today for his piece on the abortion debate outside the Supreme Court yesterday. It's not that it doesn't contain his usual liberal flavor, but that he quotes the protesters of both sides for readers to hear:

"Over 47 million of America's finest have fallen at the hand of Roe v. Wade !" shouted Operation Rescue President Troy Newman. "You're out here to kill kids!" another demonstrator, Joan McKee, shouted. The women from NOW answered the antiabortion taunts with pep-rally chants. "Pro-life? That's a lie! You don't care if women die!" And: "Racist, sexist, anti-gay. Right-wing judges, go away!"

Both sides might be accused of rudeness, but it's quite rare for the Post to acknowledge the obnoxious comments from the liberal side, exposing the rudeness of NOW. It's important to note that these chants are neither (a) new or (b) unauthorized. When I covered the March for Life in 2002 for World magazine, the same taunts came out at a small NOW rally on the Supreme Court steps, with a NOW staffer yelling them out of a megaphone (scroll to end):

Not a single podium speaker [at the March for Life] attacked feminists or their heroes, but pro-abortion counter-protesters weren't so nice. About five hours after the march began, the National Organization for Women (NOW) held a vigil in front of the Supreme Court building. As a crowd of about 100 marched in a circle with candles, they echoed the slogans NOW staffers yelled into a bullhorn, including "Pray by day! Bomb by night! That's the motto of pro-life!" and "Pro-life, your name's a lie! You don't care if women die!" While several TV cameras captured the action, NOW officials must have been glad that political debates aren't decided by turnouts at rallies. While the pro-lifers once again attracted tens of thousands, they attracted just tens.

It's too bad the Washington Post didn't capture those quotes on that day, but it's good to see them catch up.