Blogger Pounds the Post for Persistent Positive Packaging of Cindy

August 29th, 2005 10:22 PM

School may not have started yet, but Christopher Fotos at the PostWatch blog has done some homework on the WashPost's Cindy Sheehan coverage. After reviewing a pile of 15 Post stories on "Mother Sheehan," he finds a regular pattern of omitting her most vicious language, such as:

President Bush is an "evil maniac" who should "sign up his two little party-animal girls" for the war. 

Bush is the "biggest terrorist" and is promoting the "cancer of Pax Americana" and "imperialism in the Middle East" with the help of other "war criminals" in the executive branch and Congress.

And yet Bush will not meet with her. Again.

Via Insta, David Kopel has a few more, including that Sheehan said she has "no animosity" for the "person who killed my son," while foreign insurgents are "freedom fighters" and last January the Iraqis held a "sham election."

None of these statements have appeared in the pages of the Washington Post.

Fotos is clear to exclude content from that is only online, not in the print edition, as well as George Will's column. But it's funny to see how easy it is for liberals to think that all the vile insults and uncivil tongues are on the right, when their so-called "objective" newspapers do everything possible to hide their heroes' left-wing harangues from the public.