Interviews from NewsBusters at CPAC

March 5th, 2009 9:38 PM

There were many famous people at CPAC this year and I was lucky enough to run into some of them. And some of those I ran into even let me ask them a few questions about media bias. The resulting videos are embedded below the fold.

The four interviews I was able to get where with Joe the Plumber, John Ziegler, George Phillips, and Roger Simon. Each have unique experiences with liberal media bias and each articulated different but insightful points about the media.

Make sure you check out each of the videos and watch them all the way through.

The first interview was with Joe the Plumber where he rails against the media's inability to provide well researched facts and withhold their opinions from their reporting. Basically he calls out the media for its inability to do its own job. The video is embedded above.

The second interview I got was with conservative filmmaker John Ziegler who created Much of the interview focused on Ziegler's own experience with liberal media bias but we also discussed his latest film titled Media Malpractice in which he exposes the unfair ways the media has targeted Sarah Palin. The video is embedded below:



The third video was with George Phillips who is running for congress in the 22nd district of New York. Mr. Phillips is a strong defender of free speech and proponent in stopping the fairness doctrine. He recently launched a website aimed at increasing awareness of and opposition to the fairness doctrine. The video is embedded below:



The fourth and final interview I was able to get while at CPAC was with the CEO and Co-founder of Pajamas Media, Roger Simon. Roger had a starkly different opinion on media bais. He was just as passionate about the fact that the mainstream media has a liberal bent but he had an unorthodox solution to the problem. Instead of striving to be unbiased he suggests they give up the farce all together and just tell people they're biased. Take a look at the full video below: