CBS Joins NBC, CNN & MSNBC in Mis-Ascribing Leftist LaRouche's Poster to Conservatives

August 13th, 2009 10:56 AM

Who says the media are monolithic in their thinking?

Yesterday we informed you of the media's serial misuse of an Obama-as-Hitler poster from esoteric left-winger Lyndon LaRouche's website, as outlets like NBC (on their Nightly News and Meet the Press), CNN and MSNBC all ascribed the poster to sentiments roiled up by talk radio host Rush Limbaugh specifically and conservatives generally. 

We were entertained by the fact that all of these highly trained, keen-eyed journalists missed the words "" - in fairly large type - printed at the bottom of every one of the placards they used for their little reporting projects.

Well apparently CBS hasn't yet learned the lesson we had hoped to impart.  In fact, last night they did the other networks one worse. 

For the words "" are prominently visible three times (screen captures below the fold) on two different Obama-as-Hitler posters during reporter Ben Tracy's segment, yet that doesn't stop him from blaming it on right-wingers.

As the second Obama-as-Hitler poster is shown, with clearly visible front and center, Tracy offers up:

"Some experts believe a growing anti-government sentiment,..."

LaRouche, a nearly twenty year member of the Socialist Workers Party and then a seven-time Democratic Party candidate for President, can hardly be described as "anti-government."  He most certainly can not be described as a conservative.

Some of the ""s on these screen caps are a bit blurry, as their signs' holders are in the process of waving them vigorously, but on the video we have here it can be read clearly. 

And most importantly, reporter Ben Tracy was on the scene and had plenty of time and therefore no problem reading them.  So why didn't he? | Media Research | Media Research Center




 | Media Research Center









As we stated yesterday, the media are never ones to let facts get in the way of a good beating.