FLASHBACK: Remember When NBC Repeatedly BEGGED Biden to Co-Host Today Show?

April 2nd, 2022 12:15 PM

Is it any wonder that NBC went 260 days without saying the name “Hunter Biden?” The network is clearly in the tank for protecting Joe Biden from his troubled, sketchy son and the suspicious financial connections linking the two Bidens. But with NBC, it’s more than that. This network has been obsessed with the now-President for years.

It was November 7, 2013 that Today (not for the first time) actually begged the then-Vice President to co-host the show. After yet another Biden gaffe, weatherman Al Roker implored, “Mr. Vice President, once again, we beseech you, please come to the third hour, Today's Take, and co-host our show....right here, Vice President Biden, we want you here.”



Roker gushed over “our favorite” and “my man” Biden.

On July 30, 2013, Today’s Roker was again begging for the Democrat to co-host: “To have Joe Biden doing our Today's Take would be absolutely awesome....Oh, man, I would give good money for that.”

On Inauguration Day 2013, Roker screamed at Biden like a groupie until the VP came running over. An overjoyed Today host screamed, “Yes!”



So when you hear about NBC boycotting any Hunter Biden story for 260 days, don’t be surprised. These people are deeply invested in Joe Biden and his family. The corruption is deep at NBC.

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Here's a transcript from the November 7, 2013 Today. Click "expand" to read more. 



9:04AM ET

AL ROKER: Our favorite.

WILLIE GEIST: This is your guy.

ROKER: My man...

NATALIE MORALES: This is the best story of the morning.

ROKER: My man...

MORALES: Your man.

GEIST: Oh, this is so good.

ROKER: ...in an effort to congratulate the new Boston Mayor Marty Walsh, Vice President Joe Biden placed a phone call to Marty Walsh.

[ON-SCREEN HEADLINE: Sorry, Wrong Number...; Biden Calls to Congratulate New Boston Mayor]

GEIST: Oh, good., congratulations.

MORALES: Right, right, but...

ROKER: Except he called the wrong Marty Walsh.

MORALES: In his Biden – do your Biden voice here.

ROKER: He said, reportedly, "Oh, you son of a gun, Marty, you did it!" But he actually called Marty Walsh, a former aid to U.S. Senator Edward Kennedy, who is now the president of a government relations firm in Boston.

MORALES: Who happened to know the Marty Walsh...

ROKER: Right, at the time...

MORALES: ...who is the now Mayor-elect of Boston.

ROKER: ...the wrong Marty Walsh is sitting on the couch with his wife at home watching election results. Meanwhile, the other one, who had just been elected Boston mayor was celebrating at this victory. But, what the heck?

MORALES: It's hilarious.

GEIST: It's such a Biden.

MORALES: But you know what? You know there's somebody placing that call for Biden.

ROKER: I don't think so.

MORALES: Of course there is.

ROKER: I don't think so.

GEIST: I think Joe's scrolling through it.

MORALES: They're gonna be like, "Hey, put Marty Walsh on the line."

ROKER: I see – no, no. I see...

MORALES: No, no, no. He didn't just pick up the phone.

ROKER: I see Joe Biden going down – he's picking up his own phone.

GEIST: Going through contacts.

ROKER: And that's why, Mr. Vice President, once again, we beseech you, please come to the third hour, Today's Take, and co-host our show.

MORALES: Yes, yes.

GEIST: Right here.

MORALES: We would love it.

ROKER: Right here, right here, Vice President Biden...

MORALES: There's only one...

ROKER: ...we want you here.

GEIST: For the full hour.

MORALES: ...one Al Roker, too. So, he'll come for you.