Nets Silent as Lefty Thugs Harass Sinema at Wedding, Ruin Ceremony

October 29th, 2021 4:23 PM

Progressive haters stepped up their harassment of Kyrsten Sinema over the last week, sinking to the disgusting level of destroying the wedding of a couple who invited the moderate Democratic Senator to officiate. The wedding took place on Saturday and the morning and evening shows on the networks ignored the cruel attack.

The Associated Press on Tuesday recounted the hate: 

Activists protested outside a wedding where U.S. Sen. Kyrsten Sinema was officiating over the weekend, the latest confrontation between demonstrators and the Arizona Democrat who opposes key parts of President Joe Biden’s social services and climate change package.

A video (warning: explicit language) posted to YouTube shows the bride’s mother tearfully pleading with protesters not to disrupt her daughter’s wedding, which was held at an outdoor venue separated by a wall from a public street in Bisbee, Arizona. Several demonstrators yell at the mother until one peacemaker suggests they walk quietly with their signs so the wedding can begin.

Yet, although ABC, CBS and NBC censored the attempt at ruing a day of happiness, all in the name of protesting Sinema, they found time for a different wedding. On Wednesday, all three morning shows found time for Tom Hanks crashing a ceremony in Santa Monica. Good Morning America allowed 62 seconds, Today show 35 seconds and CBS Mornings 33 seconds. Priorities, right? 

If you want to see video from the haters themselves, as they scream at a bride on her wedding day, watch this disturbing video. 



The growing and alarming pattern of harassment against Sinema has resulted in a collective shrug by the networks. In early October, when progressive thugs invaded a bathroom to yell at Sinema, there was just a scant 188 seconds of coverage from the network morning and evening shows. ABC skipped it entirely. On October 26, MSNBC’s Brian Williams touted liberal trashing of Sienma and “dickhead” Joe Manchin.

Just imagine if these insults were aimed at progressive darlings Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Ilhan Omar. 

The ignoring of the harassment of Sinema was sponsored on NBC's Today by Xfinity. On ABC's Good Morning America, it was sponsored by Nature Made vitamins. On CBS Mornings, it was condoned by Home Depot. Click on the links to let them know what you think.