The NewsBusters Weekly Recap: June 9 to 15

June 16th, 2007 10:15 AM

The Networks ‘Lame’ Argument

On June 12, all three morning shows parroted DNC talking points and declared President Bush a "lame duck." "Good Morning America" solemnly noted that the phrase would likely follow Bush throughout his trip to Capitol Hill. (Apparently this is the theory that if the networks say something enough, everyone will believe it.)

Please Don’t Be Mad

Speaking of "Good Morning America," co-anchor Chris Cuomo conducted a groveling interview with Michael Moore in which he backtracked from calling the liberal filmmaker’s new movie a stunt. "Look, I like the stunt," he corrected.

Sorry, Jack

Apparently CNN’s Jack Cafferty is having a Vietnam flashback. He recently lemented that anti-war protestors aren’t "tearing up college campuses."

But Don’t Call Me Partisan

According to reporter Helen Thomas, she liked Presidents Kennedy and Clinton, but didn’t much care for Reagan or Bush 43. While being interviewed by Tim Russert, Thomas also talked about her struggle to remain objective. Some things, you just can’t make up.

He’s Back...

Dan Rather returned this week to create a Walter Cronkite moment as he labeled the Iraq War a "strategic catastrophe of historic proportions." He then went on to bash Katie Couric for "tart[ing]" up the news. Where would we be without America’s anchor?