The NewsBusters Weekly Recap: September 2 to September 8

September 8th, 2006 3:16 PM

Look no further than NewsBusters for complete coverage of Katie Couric’s debut as the anchor of the "CBS Evening News." The MRC’s Brent Baker began the week by noting a previous Couric claim that she’s not biased, but Fox is. Additionally, the new anchor has hired liberal Douglas Brinkley as the show’s historian. On September 5, Couric appeared on "The Early Show," only to apparently forget the program’s name! (Perhaps the perky anchor should do some homework on her new network.)

Ms. Couric wasn’t the week’s only big news. On September 6, "Hardball" host Chris Matthews talked to a Green Party candidate who called for President Bush’s execution. He later told the man, "I like you already." Somewhat ironically, this was only a day after Matthews wondered if Republicans would be using "fear tactics" and other extreme strategies to get elected. (Perhaps calling for the President’s execution could be an example?)

In another Chris Matthews story, NewsBusters Editor Matthew Sheffield talked to the host and was told the Valerie Plame story is now too complicated for coverage. In international news, Mr. Sheffield also noted the BBC’s continuing refusal to disclose the religious background of terror suspects.

Good Morning America lauded California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger for moving left, saying that people "really welcome what he’s doing." Also, GMA’s George Stephanopoulos told a conservative candidate it wasn’t "responsible" to say he’d never raise taxes.

Finally, HBO host Bill Maher told Larry King that America "is a stupid country with stupid people," while another liberal, Rosie O’Donnell, made her return to television. She attacked Rush Limbaugh and showed a picture of her car's bumper, adorned with left-wing stickers.