Liberal Civility: D.L. Hughley Uses ‘Retard’ Slur Against Trump

September 10th, 2019 4:25 PM

Liberals in the media like to pretend that they are tolerant and caring, not like those nasty conservatives. But they aren’t kind if you dare to disagree with them. Kamala Harris got in trouble over the weekend (though the press tried to bury it) for laughing at someone calling Donald Trump “retarded.” Nasty host D.L. Hughley on Monday doubled down, sneering, “The reason that they call Donald Trump’s actions retarded is because they are.” 

There has been a concerted effort in recent years by groups representing the handicapped and their families to get people to stop using the word “retarded.” But, for Hughley, it’s okay as long as you’re attacking the President. 

The D.L. Hughley Show co-host Jasmine Sanders read aloud the quote from the audience member before noting that Harris apologized for saying “well said” in response to the audience member’s characterization of the President as retarded. For the record, Harris’s apology consisted of her claiming “I really didn’t hear what he said.” At this point, Hughley jumped in and said “that’s what it is about Kamala,” also indicating his disappointment that Harris “wouldn’t call him racist.”



Sanders went on to praise Elizabeth Warren, favorably contrasting her with Harris: “I like the fact that she says what she means and she means what she says...and she will call out Donald Trump on his racist bigotry all day long and not apologize about it.”

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Hughley complained that Harris was “contorting a lot,” adding “the reason that they call Donald Trump’s actions retarded is because they are.” According to Sanders, “I know people don’t like that word…but we have to use it.” Sanders and the panel proceeded to defend the phrase “retarded” as an “actual medical term.”

At the beginning of the show, Hughley trashed President Trump for going after John Legend and Chrissy Tiegen; claiming the President had no right to insult Tiegen because “I can see the First Lady’s va-jay-jay right now” with “the click of a button.” Once again, it seems unlikely that Hughley would make the same comment about a liberal First Lady who had a modeling career before her husband became President.

After Hughley finished using graphic language to describe the First Lady’s genitalia, Sanders praised Tiegen for calling President Trump a “p***y a** b***h” in response to his tweet. It looks like liberals in the media and Hollywood see using offensive language as just fine but only if it is directed at their political opponents.

A transcript of the relevant portion of Monday’s edition of The D.L. Hughley Show is below. Click “expand” to read more.

The D.L. Hughley Show


11:02 PM

JASMINE SANDERS: So, as if Donald Trump…


SANDERS: …trending over the weekend wasn’t enough, now he’s in a Twitter beef with Chrissy Tiegen; the wife of John Legend.

HUGHLEY: Yes. Yes.

SANDERS: Now, John Legend was on MSNBC with Lester Holt for Justice for All, a series that Lester has.


SANDERS: Now, he was talking about criminal justice reform. Well, Donald Trump was upset because he felt John Legend did not give him his proper credit. Right? So, he tweeted out, “guys like boring…musician John Legend and his filthy mouthed wife are talking…about, about how great that is - but I didn’t see them around when we needed help getting it passed.”

HUGHLEY: Doesn’t he know I could see his wife’s cooter with the click of a button right now?


HUGHLEY: Like, I can literally see the First Lady’s va-jay-jay right now.



HUGHLEY: Keep, keep another man’s…when your wife has a sordid past like that, keep another man’s wife out of your mouth.


HUGHLEY: And your wife out of other people’s mouths. You should do that too.


SANDERS: You know Chrissy, she…she, she doesn’t play.

HUGHLEY: She doesn’t.

SANDERS: So, she tweeted right back and called him a P.A.B, you know…

HUGHLEY: And he stopped right after that, huh?

SANDERS: He did.


SANDERS: Of course he did…


SANDERS: Yes, well, she started talking reckless.


SANDERS: She’s like I’m going to start out hard…


SANDERS: …and I’m going to end it hard.

HUGHLEY: That…that, that lets you know to shut him down.


SANDERS: It’s the wrong one.

JAY PHILLIPS: Let’s talk about the Bahamas.


HUGHLEY: Somebody bring in the Taliban.

SANDERS: Yeah, quickly, quickly. So also trending over the weekend, Kamala Harris had to apologize…well she didn’t have to but she chose to. She was speaking and I guess someone asked her a question, a very lengthy question, but basically talked about Trump in terms of his actions being mentally retarded. Now, what he said was “somehow a racist bigot got into the White House and then he says ‘if you’re not my color, you need to go back to your own country.’” And he said, “so I’m scared for this country. I’m scared for the people of color in this country,” and he talked about how, you know, Donald Trump was, you know, his actions were mentally retarded. And Harris laughed along and said, “well said.” Well, she took a lot of criticism so she came back and she apologized and said, “I really didn’t hear what he said.”

HUGHLEY: That’s why…that’s what, that’s what it is about Kamala.



HUGHLEY: That’s what it is about her. Like, I saw a commercial…that’s exactly what it is.


HUGHLEY: That’s why she had that shining moment in the debate and then after that…

SANDERS: Now, she’s slipping.

HUGHLEY: She’s always trying to…like, she wouldn’t call him racist. Like, it’s…I saw her…a commercial on her…did you see that commercial on her Instagram?

DJ LUCCI: I don’t have cable.

HUGHLEY: No, it’s on her Instagram. You know, and all she did was talking about her father used to take her to…her grandfather used to take her to India. They would spend time in India. And I’m like, ain’t you…

SANDERS: Yeah. Yeah.

HUGHLEY: So, you’re AKA, you went to Howard…

SANDERS: But you’re not claiming blackness.


HUGHLEY: And I didn’t get it.

SANDERS Trying to disconnect.

HUGHLEY: I didn’t understand what that was.

SANDERS: And then won’t stand for something like this. Like, if you, if you feel that way…listen, I’m not saying who I’m going to vote for but I like Elizabeth Warren...


SANDERS: I like the fact that she says…


SANDERS: …what she means…


SANDERS: …and she means what she says.


SANDERS: And she will call out Donald Trump on his racist…


SANDERS: …bigotry all day long and not apologize about it.

HUGHLEY: She’s…she’s…she is really contorting a lot.


HUGHLEY: And it’s…it’s kind of crazy.


HUGHLEY: The reason that they call Donald Trump’s actions retarded is because they are.

SANDERS: Yes. Like it or not. I know people don’t like that word…


SANDERS: …but we have to use it.

HUGHLEY: We used to live…this is the funny thing. We used to live on…on the…on the 101…there was a center called the Center for Retarded…it’s… had that on the building.

RITTENHOUSE: Well, that’s the actual distinction.

HUGHLEY: That’s right.

RITTENHOUSE: Psycho…that’s what they call it.

SANDERS: Well, it’s an actual medical term.

HUGHLEY: People got so offended; like one time, somebody told me got mad…like they, to equate that word with the N-word is not true. One is a…it was an actual physical diag…you can’t say (bleep).