Liberals Waste No Time Taunting Dick Cheney for Heart Problems

January 6th, 2011 2:40 AM

The New York Times ran a rather serious report on Tuesday, regarding former Vice-President Dick Cheney and the new mechanical heart pump he received in July.  The addition of the new pump means that Cheney’s heart will never again beat at full strength, and leaves him with a daunting decision whether or not to have a full heart transplant.

Naturally, juveniles in the liberal media have had a blast with the news.

Political Wire, a supposedly non-partisan political blog led off a post about the heart transplant with this gem:

The New York Times confirms what many of his political opponents always assumed: Dick Cheney has no pulse.

And there’s more...

The Atlantic found amusement over the Times page layout, in which it groups together the ‘Heart Pump’ headline with another titled, Thousands Get Heart Devices They Don’t Need, Study Says.

New York Magazine mentions that Cheney will either need a donor heart, or will have to ‘rip(s) one from the chest of an orphan’.  Perhaps even creepier is the magazine’s focus on one small sentence in the Times article regarding sponge baths – a sentence that has since been removed from the piece.

The Village Voice also provides some sponge bath jokes, while adding a few zingers of their own, stating that Cheney is now ‘officially the robot he was always accused of being’ and that he is ‘still going hunting and looking mean’.

But the more deplorable taunting comes from our friends at the Huffington Post, of course.

Huffington Post contributor and editor of New America Media, Sandip Roy, took Cheney to task for all of the alleged evils wrought at his hand.  There are the requisite comparisons to Darth Vader and the Twilight Zone, an analogy to the Tinman, and reiterations that Cheney has no pulse.  Sprinkled throughout the article are adjectives such as evil, sinister, and imperial.  He is referred to as ‘any other aging war criminal’.

But the vitriol takes an uptick in the HuffPo piece, as Roy fantasizes about what would happen if the former Veep had to accept a heart transplant from a soldier:

Now we have the potential for the Great American Story. Imagine, said a colleague, that he gets the heart of an American soldier, brain-dead from being blown up in Iraq. Then the war he unleashed based on fabricated intelligence would tick inside of him everyday. Would it drive him crazy? Or would it cause the heart to implode knowing it was trapped inside Dick Cheney?

Classy.  One has to wonder if the future will hold similar mean-spirited commentary for our current war time President if he, God forbid, were to have similar health issues.

One thing is clear. The malice that leftists in the media feel towards Dick Cheney is unmatched, and serious health matters will offer no relief.

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