Jeffrey Toobin Outraged that Willis and Wade Could be Disqualified for Lying

February 16th, 2024 8:37 PM

Who knew that prosecutors caught committing perjury could be disqualified from a court case they lied about? Apparently, just about everyone except for Jeffrey Toobin formerly a CNN legal analyst who for some reason appeared on Anderson Cooper 360 on Thursday to give his hands-on analysis of the Fulton County, Georgia hearing to determine if District Attorney Fani Willis and prosecutor Nathan Wade committed perjury when they swore their romantic relationship only began after Wade entered the case. 

As you can see, Toobin was outraged at the very idea that they could be disqualified from the RICO case which included the prosecution of former President Donald Trump. 


JEFFREY TOOBIN: Can I ask a question? So what? So what if they had this relationship.

ANDERSON COOPER: Well, the question is did they lie about it.

CAROLINE POLISI: I agree with so what if they had it, exactly.

TOOBIN: But why does it - does this prejudice Donald Trump or any of these defendants at all. I mean that's the thing that's so baffling about all this. Suppose they had this relationship, suppose they lied, why does that disqualify them in this proceeding? I mean, yes maybe it's because ...

Criminal defense attorney Caroline Polisi then tried to steer the ranting Toobin back to the land of legal reality. "An attorney lying to the court is not good," she said.

A little later, Toobin provided the reason for his angst:

But they certainly carried their burden of embarrassing the hell out of the prosecutor in this case and that's why Donald Trump was the big winner in Atlanta today. I mean - and that's why this - I don't think this proceeding ever should have been held. I don't think this is a relevant issue, but the fact that this judge who seemed to be a bump on the log not let - letting all this nonsense go on for hours and hours, the only person who really benefited here was Donald Trump and the other defendant.

So, that was the rationale of the former legal analyst of CNN. Toobin thinks that making Trump a "big winner" was such an affront to his liberal sensibilities that it justifies keeping a couple of perjurers on the case to prosecute it.