Politico Uses Climate Change to Hype 'Comprehensive Immigration Reform'

March 8th, 2023 11:30 AM

"Comprehensive immigration reform."

It the magic phrase so beloved by liberals. Despite the lack of enforcement of existing immigration laws especially at the border, liberals claim that "comprehensive immigration reform" will somehow solve the current problems. Of course, they never get into specifics because to do so would make it very difficult to ever pass such legislation. The most they do is vaguely suggest a "path to citizenship" (i.e. amnesty) for the millions of people now illegally residing in the United States. 

Therefore Politico and its merry band of liberals in Zach Colman, Myah Ward, and Eli Stokols must be given credit for creativity for dreaming up a wild stretch in order to justify "comprehensive immigration reform." See, despite over 300 million people living in America they contend that there are somehow not enough people here to fill the green energy jobs made necessary by, get this, climate change. This laughable pitch was put forward on Monday by the trio in "No avoiding it now: Immigration issues threaten Biden’s climate program."

They dove right into the "comprehensive immigration reform" shtick right from the get go:

President Joe Biden’s plan for greening the economy relies on a simple pitch: It will create good-paying jobs for Americans.

The problem is there might not be enough Americans to fill them. That reality is pressuring the Biden administration to wrestle with the nation’s immigration system to avoid squandering its biggest legislative achievements.

Got that? It will somehow be difficult to fill green energy jobs with American citizens so we need to import more, more, more people. They continue beating us over the head with that to the point of asserting the entire green energy push will be imperiled unless we enact you-know-what.

Lawmakers, former administration officials, clean energy and labor advocates said immigration fixes are needed if the administration wants to ensure its biggest victories don’t go to waste — and that the nation can fight climate change, add jobs and beat geopolitical rivals like China in the global marketplace. Those changes include raising annual visa caps for highly skilled workers needed to grow the next wave of U.S. industry and securing ironclad work protections for people in the country on a temporary basis, they said. It’s the key to building a workforce needed to design, manufacture and install millions of new appliances, solar panels and electric vehicles.

But where are the actual magic words? Fortunately a few paragraphs later the Politico stretch team invokes the words as if it is the necessary incantation to solve the green energy jobs problem:

A White House official defended the administration’s record on immigration, noting Biden sent a framework for comprehensive immigration reform to Congress as one of his first presidential actions. The measure has yet to gain traction.

And there it is! "Comprehensive immigration reform." What can't it do? Thanks to Politico we know it will somehow solve the green energy jobs crises.