TV Reporter Buries Inconvenient Fact that 'Hate Crime' She Is Covering Is a Hoax

April 10th, 2021 3:30 PM

It's almost embarrassing to watch the lengths to which WWMT television news reporter Trisha McCauley will go to preserve her job security in this era of cancel culture when raising the ire of social justice warriors can easily destroy your career. Therefore McCauley had to perform the unenviable task of pretending that there was still a hate crime that happened at Albion College in Michigan even though it was proven to have been a hoax since the perp turned out to be a "student of color."

Here is McCauley going through the motions of the pretense in her report about a hate crime that was really a hoax. She briefly mentions at about the halfway point of her report about the hoax and then blithely returns to her story as if the hoax never happened. Here is that brief mention at the 45 second mark which should have been the focus of her story which it indeed properly was at the Post  Millennial with this headline: "HATE HOAX: Black student responsible for racist graffiti at American college."


Here is the very quick referral by McCauley to the inconvenient fact which was then quickly dropped in order to continue hyping the disproven narrative:

They say this week a student in one of the incidences was identified as a student of color and they were removed from campus.

That revelation, which should have been at the beginning of her report, was also buried in her written report at the WWMT website on Thursday which, of course, made no reference to the hoax in the title, "Albion College students continue to boycott class to fight racial injustices on campus."

You have to drop down eleven paragraphs before finally finding out the "hate crime" was actually a hoax in a quick 25-word revelation.

In an email message to students, Johnson said the person was a student of color and was responsible for anti-Semitic graffiti in Mitchell Towers.

And then, McCauley, immediately returned to the disproven narrative as if that inconvenient sentence did not even exist.

Of course, when you perpetrate such obvious fake news, one of the big downsides is that you are subject to a lot of mockery which is exactly what happened to McCauley:




Exit Question: Is Trisha McCauley the last person on the planet to believe (or pretend to believe) that Jussie Smollett was the victim of a hate crime?