Washington Post's Margaret Sullivan to Press: Stop Covering Trump After He Leaves Office

December 21st, 2020 12:21 PM

Few members of the media have been more obsessed with President Donald Trump than the Washington Post media columnist Margaret Sullivan. She obviously can't get Trump out of her mind yet she is now recommending that after Trump leaves office (whenever that might be), that the press stop covering him. This is not a new suggestion from Sullivan since she also begged the media to stop covering him even while Trump has been in office.  

Sullivan's latest plea, which one suspects she won't be following due to her extreme TDS, came on Wednesday in "Journalists, it’s time for a cold-turkey breakup with Trump."

Long before he glided down that golden escalator at Trump Tower in 2015 to announce his presidential candidacy, Donald Trump was an object of media fascination. He could never actually become president, of course — that was unthinkable — but he captivated us all the same.

Once he was elected, the media’s fascination turned to utter obsession. Newscasts, front pages, opinion columns — whatever the form, we couldn’t seem to tear our gaze away.

Don't forget that you were at the forefront of those obsessed by Trump, Margaret.

The relationship was bumpy, sometimes abusive — “scum,” he called us early on — but Trump commanded attention nearly every hour of every day.

What new insult? What new outrageous policy? What new threat to democracy?

Of course Sullivan is conveniently forgetting what the press, especially the Washington Post, called Trump. Apparently you can all him mentally ill, a fascist, a crook, and that's all fair game. Sullivan even called Fox News an "American plague," which is certainly scum-like. 

Even before he entered office he was accused as being an agent of Russia or Putin's puppet while the press was enthusiastically hyping the utterly discredited Steele dossier upon which many of those charges were based. Oh, and then after the Mueller Report revealed there was no Trump-Russia collusion, poor Margaret pathetically claimed that the media should be "proud" of their laughably wrong coverage.

Here are some of Sullivan's dictates to the press that she will probably break due to her obsession with Trump:

Don’t allow him to become a self-styled president in exile, the golf-cart version of Napoleon on Elba.

Do not set up a Mar-a-Lago bureau.

Don’t have entire reporting beats dedicated to what he and his family members are up to.

And for God’s sake, stop writing about his unhinged tweets.

Exit question: How quickly will Sullivan break her own advice to the press on not covering Trump?