CNN's Phil Mudd: Hamburgers Are Going to Kill Us

November 26th, 2018 12:44 PM

Attack of the Killer Tomatoes has apparently been updated to Attack of the Killer Hamburgers.

Yes, this is the latest liberal Chicken Little Global Warming iteration of the End of Times. This time it is hamburgers, not tomatoes, that are going to kill us. The funniest thing about this warning is the earnestness with which it was made by CNN's Philip Mudd on Monday's New Day with nary a smile on his humorless face.

Our friends at Grabien first flagged down this fun exchange, which began when political analyst David Gregory kicked off the apocalyptic picture with a warning that Global Warming is real and Mudd ending up with the terror of hamburgers killing all of us:

DAVID GREGORY: What’s important about that is, we know and this is the president’s government, his own scientists who are issuing a dire report that conforms with the science that we know with the reality that we see. The question I have is for those who are combating, who want to combat climate change, is there a different political strategy that’s necessary than the international approach that has not fully taken root yet. I think that’s going to be a challenge for lawmakers who care about this, this is going to be a challenge for chief — chief executives around the country run states who want to take measures to combat climate change, I think there has got to be some rethinking so that we’re not stuck in a debate between it is real and what’s the cause anymore.

The disgustingly smug John Avlon then expressed the hope that even the EVIL Republicans could be convinced to sign on to the Global Warming dogma:

And what’s interesting about this report is not only the economic impact which may get his attention, but the way that a lot of states in the Republican base are going to be feeling the brunt of this, Midwest agriculture farm belt, the southeast with flooding, even the upper plain states with higher ozone levels. So some — some conservatives are going to find their constituents are not happy about the implications, and maybe that’ll change the plan.

At this point, John Berman decided to add the always entertaining Phil Mudd to the mix with his consistently wacky but also hilarious analysis:

BERMAN: I don’t want to let Phil Mudd go without weighing on this, because — and I’m not even joking, because you talk about defense or you talk about intelligence, officials that I always talk to say what we don’t see are the intelligence concerns surrounding climate change, the defense concerns around climate change, the national security concerns, they are very real and they are very relevant.

MUDD: Sure. If you look at people in my world talking about things like climate change, they talk about things like changing weather, weather patterns, believe it or not, a national security issue, because that has to do with water. In places like the Middle East water is an issue that people go to war over. But this is pretty simple. I think we are debating this. This is an — this is a leadership issue. Tens of millions of Americans will wake up today and eat hamburgers for lunch, that’s going to kill them. People don’t focus on the long term, they focus on the short term.

Encore! Encore!

MUDD: There’s a parallel here. The president comes into office and says we are withdrawing from climate change and we’re investing in coal. That’s going to kill us. Unless we get leadership that says we’ve got to take short term pain for the long term gain, which is something Americans don’t do when they eat hamburgers, we are not going to win this one. We need leadership on this issue.

Take that hamburger out of your mouth and eat a tofu sandwich instead if you want to save this planet! Don't you Trump supporting yahoos understand? HAMBURGERS ARE GOING TO KILL US!!!