CNN's Mudd on Being Subject of Mueller Probe: 'I'd Wet My Pants'

April 4th, 2018 2:53 PM

Unhinged people can be counted on to deliver colorfully deranged quotes and on Tuesday night's CNN Tonight the reliably batty Philip Mudd, in his role as their counterterrorism analyst, did not disappoint. In reaction to the good news for President Donald Trump that Special Counsel Robert Mueller named him not a target but merely a subject for investigation, Mudd declared that subject status would make him wet his pants.


DON LEMON: All right. Mr. Philip Mudd. So what does this tell you about the Mueller investigation, this report?

PHILIP MUDD I think we're too soft on this. If I -- put yourself in the -- in these shoes, Don. If someone walked in my room, in particular, FBI investigators. I've been questioned as a witness, not a subject. If someone walked in my office and said I was a subject of a multi-year criminal investigation led by a former FBI Director, Robert Mueller, I'd wet my pants. I mean this -- I'm not kidding. This is significant -- the President is the subject of a criminal investigation. If he goes into questioning in a room and he lies about what he is done or said over the course of time, he could transition from a subject to a target.

Does that mean that if Mudd were named an actual target of a Mueller investigation that he would soil his diaper?

Ryan Lizza also couldn't refrain from watering on the good news parade by claiming that Mueller is just trying to fool Trump by the chess of getting him to consent to an interview:

 Yes, and look, if you're a target, you're not going to go -- you know, if this were not the President -- if this were a normal case. If you are a target, your lawyer is going to tell you, you are in the going to go into an interview with FBI agents. You're going to plead the fifth. If you are known to be the target of a criminal investigation. So, I think part of this is the chess of getting Trump into an interview, is, yes, Mr. President, you're just a subject, you're not a target, don't worry.

So if Trump declines to be interviewed by Mueller, he can thank Ryan Lizza for giving him the warning that being named a subject, not a target, is just Mueller's way of  "chess" scamming Trump into an interview. Oh, and I wouldn't be surprised if Lizza would be one of those complaining about Trump refusing to be interviewed.

P.S. Does Philip Mudd know that there are currently some good Depends coupons available for printing from the web?