Comey Firing: Dilbert Creator Laughs at Unhinged Keith Olbermann Tweet

May 10th, 2017 11:55 AM

Remember all the comedic fun you had from watching videos of unhinged liberals in the wake of President Donald Trump's election victory last November? Well, the good news is we are now experiencing a new wave of highly entertaining unhinged liberal videos due to the May 9 firing of FBI Director James Comey by the President.

What makes this new wave of comedic videos especially funny is that the unhinged liberals are well known media figures such as the "raging" David Gregory and Jeffrey Toobin losing his mind. However, funny as these videos are, they might not match the totally unhinged Keith Olbermann in the comedy department. 

Dilbert cartoon creator, Scott Adams, had a good laugh over Olbermann's profanely unhinged tweet over the Comey firing. Apparently Adams, whose prognostications about Trump's nomination and eventual election were dead on accurate, is one of those who enjoys the guilty pleasure of laughing at unhinged liberals on the subject of Comey's firing.

What makes the outrage over Comey's firing particularly funny is that many liberals were recently demanding that he be fired. Now they are upset because of the "timing" of the firing due to the fantasy that Comey was somehow on the verge of discovering the Great Pumpkin in the form of Trump-Russia collusion evidence which has yet to surface.

So let us now join Scott Adams as he laughs at Olbermann's unhinged outrage tweet.

Here is the Olbermann tweet that Adams is laughing about:

As you can see in the responses to Adams' tweet, many others are also laughing at Olbermann. However the best of Olbermann might be yet to come in the form of his next GQ "Resistance" video. To get an idea of what Olbermann could be capable of, take a look at his May 8 video on the firing of Obama holdover Acting Attorney General Sally Yates and then multiply the outrage several times over to get an idea of how epic his Comey firing video could be.

This blog will be updated with that Olbermann video on the Comey firing. Your humble correspondent is expecting great things of you, Keith. Perhaps outrage energy generated on the scale of that asteroid that crashed into the Yucatan 65 million years ago? 

This could be an hilarious liberal extinction event due to never being taken seriously again.

UPDATE: Here is Olbermann's new video on the Comey firing. Although, as expected, he calls for President Trump's immediate impeachment, he still doesn't sound quite as unhinged as major MSM types as David Gregory or Jeffrey Toobin. So although Olbermann can be awarded the Most Unhinged Comey Firing Tweet Award he still has to work harder for most unhinged video in that category. Keep trying, Keith! We know you can do it!