Donny Deutsch on Hillary: 'She Does Not Lie'

September 23rd, 2016 8:07 PM

Hillary Clinton does not lie! Got that? She does not lie! 

Okay, right now your reaction is probably about the same as the audience that heard Charlie Crist claiming the other day in Florida that Hillary is honest. That means you are probably already laughing. Unfortunately for Donny Deutsch on With All Due Respect today, he made the same claim about Hillary today. No sooner were the words out of his mouth than you could tell that Deutsch realized that he would be mocked for that claim so he quickly qualified it but, of course, it was too late. Sorry, Donny, but you should expect at least a full weekend of well-deserved mocking. 

She does not lie. Uh, I mean we've seen instances where in terms as far as the email she was not forthcoming and she actually did lie but on a day to day basis as part of her campaign DNA it's not in there.

"She does not lie" but "she actually did lie?" Okay, Donny, if you say so. 

Deutsch might actually have a sort of excuse for his laughable outburst since he previously said something that could have thrown him off his stride. Several minutes earlier he twice used a certain word in reference to Hillary that caused Bloomberg Politics correspondent Margaret Talev to strain from bursting out laughing and caused something of a commotion among the off-camera crew. The fun begins at the 22:15 mark of this video:

What she's got to do with him, she's got to prick him. What we're going to see also is a man and a woman face to face. We haven't see this before. Trump howls at the moon and screams out, "I hate this one, that one is bad..." Now he's facing, a large 6'3" man, is facing a woman and if she can prick him, not throw the first bomb...

At that point, Deutsch reacts to something going on among the off-camera crew before returning to his spiel.

Weve got strange people there...

One has to wonder if the crew was reacting to Donny the way the guys in the background were reacting to the school principal in this scene from Porky's: