Kentucky Democrat Alison Grimes Gloats Over Sanders Loss to Chris Matthews

May 18th, 2016 3:33 PM

One of the duties of the Kentucky Secretary of State is to oversee elections. So shouldn't it seem a bit strange that such a person, Alison Lundergan Grimes, acts in a blatantly unprofessional manner by publicly gloating over the loss of a candidate she opposes by mocking him?

Not to MSNBC's Chris Matthews. He not only failed to question this, he happily gushed over Grimes while speculating about the next step in her political career. You can see Grimes' gloat followed by Matthews' gush in the following video.


First Matthews happily acknowledges to Grimes that she openly supports Hillary Clinton:

MATTHEWS: ...Alison Lundergan Grimes, she's Secretary of State for the Commonwealth of Kentucky. She ran for the United States Senate two years ago against Mitch McConnell. She's supporting Hillary Clinton for president. Madam Secretary I will not ask you who you voted for tonight because I know you voted for Hillary Clinton...

After Matthews acknowledged that Grimes very definitely had a horse in the Kentucky primary race, she began to gloat over the loss of Bernie Sanders in that state's Democrat primary race despite the fact at the time she mocked him, only a little over 4000 votes separated the candidates with 20% of the votes still to be counted as you can see on the election returns board on the screen.

ALLISON LUNDERGAN GRIMES: ...I think the main story tonight, Senator Sanders needed a big win here in the Commonwealth and that just hasn't happened. What we're seeing is significant movement especially for folks that watched the contest last week in West Virginia. We're seeing Secretary Clinton make great strides especially in coal country across the Commonwealth and importantly make an impact across the state of Kentucky.

After performing spin control for Hillary on the subjects of her opposition to the coal industry as well as her support of gun control, Grimes returns to not only gloating over Sanders' loss (with 20% of the vote yet to be counted) but rubbing it in with a strong dose of mockery.

GRIMES: ...There is no revolution that's occurring for Senator Sanders here in the Commonwealth of Kentucky. He didn't get the big night that he needed...

After lacking the common sense grace to at least congratulate Sanders on running a good race, Matthews overlooks her bizarre cheerleading for Hillary despite supposedly overseeing the election, and begins gushing over Grimes' political future.

MATTHEWS: Let's talk about you for a second. How about your future? You had a better race, you had better numbers than Barack Obama there in '14. You ran against a tough, tough customer, Mitch McConnell who is an old pro. Do you have a future at the very top of electoral politics? Do you see yourself going up and taking another whack at it statewide?

Right. Alison Lundergran Grimes was committing political suicide by completely alienating Sanders supporters with her brutal gloating over his loss right in front of Chris Matthews and all he could think of was to speculate on what a bright future in politics Grimes has. Meanwhile some are suggesting that Grimes has very unprofessionally put the duties of her office as Kentucky Secretary of State secondary to her urge to hype Hillary in that state. Who is making such an outrageous charge? Why Alison Lundergan Grimes herself as she makes her priorities plain in the following video:

Today I am here not only to do my job as your Secretary of State to make sure folks actually get to the polls to vote but second and most importantly to support a family, both the former president and the woman who I believe will be our next president!

Exit question: How loudly will Alison Lundergan Grimes be booed by Sanders delegates at the Democrat convention this summer if she shows up in Philadelphia?