How to Do a Donald Trump Impression

August 2nd, 2015 11:18 AM

Are you a professional comedian or someone who just wants to entertain your friends by doing a Donald Trump impression? Well I have huge news for you. HUUGE!!!

Voice impressionist Eric Harthen has produced a How To video for folks wanting to do an impression of The Donald. This instructional video will probably come in handy right after this Thursday's presidential debate among the Repulican candidates. Harthen's video explains how to position your mouth with pronounced bottom front teeth while talking. In addition, he covers the proper decibel level of the voice. Finally, don't forget to get the correct Queens borough (not guttural Bronx) accent correct when doing the impression.

If you study the Donald Trump impression lesson carefully, with a lot of practice you can become a huge hit with your friends. HUUGE!!!

Exit question: Can anybody out there do a Jim Gilmore impression?