Alex Wagner Worships at the Holy Burmese Shrine of Her Beloved Barack

November 20th, 2012 8:56 PM

Alex Wagner worships no other god before her Lord Barack.

Think that statement is over the top? Not after you watch this worshipful video of MSNBC's Alex Wagner in which, among her other hallelujahs to her personal god who assumed earthly form in Burma, is this gem: “A man who is better at stagecraft than almost any leader in US history.” This is but one of several gushing praises of Obama which gives the impression that Wagner could be in dire need of some serious Barack cult deprogramming.


And now please maintain a respectful silence as we present a few of Alex Wagner's holy chants to the supernatural master of stagecraft:

President Obama went shoeless, walking in the same steps that countless hundreds went before him, among them perhaps his own ancestors.

For the President's Kenyan grandfather who served in Burma under the British during World War II there would have been no way to foresee a future where his grandson might take the hope and desire for change that elected him President of the United States and bring that spirit of redemption back to the very same place where he had served so many years ago.

...A few hours later Burmese President Thein Sein, taking his own first fledgling steps towards democracy, would look at the shoeless American from humble origins and say to him as he did today, "I want to do what you've been talking about, I want to move forward."

From Wagner's awestruck description of her Lord Barack, you almost expected her to follow this with a report about how the Burmese leader threw himself at the shoeless feet of her beloved and begged for eternal salvation.