Glenn Beck Show Hilariously Mocks Alex Jones Fawning Over Charlie Sheen

March 25th, 2011 10:46 PM

Almost lost in the public astonishment over the meltdown of Charlie Sheen on the radio show of fellow 9-11 Truther, Alex Jones, was the incredibly bizarre fawning over Sheen by the radio host. I say "almost lost" because today Glenn Beck and his radio crew produced absolute comedy gold by goofing on Jones' groupie-like fawning over Sheen. It started off as just a few throwaway lines but Glenn and his crew continued building up their impersonations of Jones to a comedy crescendo that just might be the funniest radio bit ever. A word of warning: The routine is a bit risqué. You should also not be drinking anything while listening to this clip because the contents of your drink are sure to be splattered on your computer screen. Even if your screen stays dry, your shirts probably won't since they most likely will be soaked from the tears of your laughter. Listen and you will find out that your humble correspondent is not exaggerating about just how funny this is.

Below are transcript excerpts of Jones' almost forgotten groupie-like fawning during his Charlie Sheen interview so you can better appreciate the genius of Beck's comedy segment:

...Alex Jones: Charlie, I’ve known you for six and a half years or so and I knew you when you were completely clean and I’ve known you since, but, the point is, now, I’ve never seen you when I was out at your house or talked to you on the phone, so energised as you are now – I mean you’re on fire as nails told the news yesterday. I mean I agree with that description.

...Alex Jones: Wow, well I am speechless. Later we’re going to get into Apocalpse Now, but what comes to mind is when we were there a few weeks ago watching it in your home theatre when Colonel Kurtz is saying “You can kill me, but you don’t have the right to judge me”

...Alex Jones: Well sure, let’s go over that, because when I was there, two weeks ago at your house, you looked great, totally clean, you were working out super hard when I went and worked out with you at that private gym I mean they put you through an incredible workout, you know they’re exercising in the pool, and you’re saying “look, I’m ready to go to work. I’m ready to go right now” and then they add the lie that you don’t have a hernia, well I’ve seen your hernia, I’ve got the same hernia in my belly button and your hernia was hurt, but again you don’t wanna defend yourself on that and, you know, tell folks the truth about it, but the point is, it seem that there are some people in your life that are trying to demonise you, they’re doing these vanity cards, you know talking about how they’re going to outlive you, it seems pretty darn aggressive.

It's going to be interesting to hear Alex Jones' reaction, if any, to Glenn Beck's comedy gold mockery of him. And no matter how many times you listen to the Glenn Beck Show clip of that  impersonation, it will continues to induce uncontrollable laughter in you.