Leftists Deriving Political Inspiration From Simplistic Fantasy Flick

September 6th, 2006 10:51 AM

Don't be too surprised if you start seeing Guy Fawkes masks popping up at leftist demonstrations and political events in the near future. The reason is that the leftists are now deriving their political inspiration from an incredibly simplistic fantasy movie called V For Vendetta which they take completely seriously as is indicated from this title of a recent thread at the Democratic Underground, "The answers to many of our questions can be found in the movie 'V'."

If you are not up to speed on V For Vendetta aka V For Vicodin, it is set in the near future where Britain is ruled by the fascistic regime of High Chancellor Adam Sutler (read "Adolf Hitler") whom the movie makes sure we know is a member of the Conservative Party. The characters of V have the one-dimensional subtlety of a sledge hammer with Sutler never speaking normally but with a vicious snarl. Muslims are portrayed in this movie as among the innocent victims of a hate campaign (also directed against lesbians) where even the ownership of a Koran results in quick execution by the EVIL regime.

The hero of this fantasy is V who always wears a Guy Fawkes mask and costume. When V isn't impressing Natalie Portman with his vast knowledge of Shakepeare quotes, he is engaged in acts of terrorism against the Sutler regime, culminating in the destruction of the Parliament building at the end of the movie.

Although this simplistic movie is unintentionally laughable in most places, it does justify terrorism. And since this movie tries to make the case of strong parallels between the EVIL Sutler regime and the Bush administration, many leftists now are fantasizing themselves as little league Vs.

You can see the seriousness that both the Democratic Underground and their fellow leftists at The Daily Kos take V For Vendetta as their political roadmap here, here, and here.

The political pull of V For Vendetta for the left can't be underestimated. So when you see those dopey Guy Fawkes costumes popping up all over the place in the near future, you will know where their silly fantasy is coming from. And keep in mind the justification of violence promoted by this movie. These leftists make no distinction between the Sutler regime and the Bush administration. In their fantasy world they are both the same.