CNN Still Foaming Over the Left Losing Bud Light Culture Battle

July 12th, 2023 6:43 PM

Like a beer erupting from a bottle, CNN was still foaming over the left losing the fight over Bud Light’s support of men pretending to be women. CNN’s Tuesday coverage of the Bud Light transgender debate showed the liberal media was still licking its wounds over the issue. CNN had multiple segments dedicated to the topic at 8:00 a.m., 11:00 a.m., and 2:00 p.m., proving their obsession with the lost culture battle.

During the 8:00 a.m. hour, CNN provided a full segment where they interviewed people in Nashville from both sides of the issue, and provided rather fair coverage on the debate. They covered the backlash from the right, but also the LGBTQ backlash against Bud Light for the company’s appearance of caving to the right, as well as people who were against the backlash from both sides.



However, during the 11:00 a.m. segment, they aired a shortened version and showed their true colors. After some of the footage taken from the earlier segment had aired, CNN hosts Kate Bolduan and Sara Sidner bemoaned the “culture war” over Bud Light:

SIDNER: It's the culture wars. It's the culture wars.

BOLDUAN: It's a tough time.

SIDNER: Yeah it is.

BOLDUAN: Tough time.

CNN here showed a lack of perspective on the Bud Light controversy that reveals the true insidiousness of the leftist media. CNN hosts were so saddened about backlash to Bud Light receiving backlash for inserting themselves into extremely tense social issues on the side of the left.

The media and the left act as if this “culture war” was some machination of the right just for the sake of being evil, when the right was responding to the way the left was trying to shove society. Hence their “conservatives pounce” narrative when covering controversies.

For instance, during their 2:00 p.m. segment, host Brianna Keilar suggested that “Bud Light’s partnership with transgender influencer Dylan Mulvaney sparked a culture war,” when in reality it was just another battle in the on-going culture war.

When a company chooses to support one side of politics, they open themselves up to criticism. That’s just a normal fact. CNN shouldn’t be shocked by that, it was the normal human reaction. There won’t be this total agreement among people on the issue that just magically pops up.

The fact CNN thought the Bud Light controversy was a “tough time” for them just showed that they were invested in one side – the left – winning and the source of their disappointment had nothing to do with helping people come together or some other good-intentioned cause, just they were angry that others chose not to conform to their ideology. 

CNN’s frothy response was sponsored by ClearChoice. Their contact information is linked.

The transcript is below, click "expand" to read:

CNN News Central
11:53:49 a.m.
2 minutes and 15 seconds

[ON-SCREEN HEADLINE: Bud Light Backlash; Sales Down 28%]

KATE BOLDUAN: Alright, let’s go to this. [SIGH] More fallout from the Bud Light boycott. Sales dropped by more than 28 percent over the last four weeks. It follows a backlash after a brand partnered with a transgender influencer. And, now, Bud Light is getting more pushback, this time from the LGBTQ community as well. Let's get to Ryan Young. He's following all of this. Ryan, this seems to be the controversy that just won't quit. What — what now?

[ON-SCREEN HEADLINE: Beer Backlash; Bud Light Sales Drop 28% in Last Month After Backlash Over Partnership With Transgender Influencer]

RYAN YOUNG: Yeah. You know, we are talking a lot these days, it seems like, about culture wars. Just that last conversation you and Sara were having —


YOUNG: — kind of dove tailed into this because everyone seems to be taking sides over everything. And it really got to the point where we went out to the streets to talk to people just to get their ideas how much confusion and how much anger has been caused by this Bud Light controversy. Just listen to people on the street who were sort of upset that this has gotten — taken so far out of hand.

[ON-SCREEN HEADLINE: Beer Backlash; Fallout Over Bud Light’s Partnership With Transgender Influencer]

NASHVILLE TOURIST JAMIE ODREN: It's quite simple, people just don't want it shoved down their throat.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: No Bud Light. Because it's like — I have grandchildren. We don't need to put that in the young kids' heads.

3 CROW BAR OWNER SAM MCCOLL: We had one guy who said, I refuse to drink that anymore. One guy. And everybody else in the bar kind of rolled their eyes at him.

[ON-SCREEN HEADLINE: Beer Backlash; Bud Light Sales Drop 28% in Last Month After Backlash Over Partnership With Transgender Influencer]

YOUNG: Yeah, America is really split on a lot of topics, whether it comes to voting, but this Bud Light really seems to send a chasm right down the middle in terms of talking to folks. We went to Nashville.

[ON-SCREEN HEADLINE: Beer Backlash; LGBTQ Community Pushes Back After Bud Light Boycott]

We even talked to a bar in Chicago. One bar who was telling us because, basically, they’re going to serve it because they don't like the way Dylan Mulvaney was treated after this whole controversy started. He, of course, was the transgender person they were going to sponsor and go along with — with Bud Light. They didn’t like how Bud Light didn’t stand by him after all this. Of course, you have Kid Rock who said that he would not serve Bud Light in his bar. He shot up a — a case of Bud Light. At this point, though, Kate, we went back to that bar a couple days ago, Bud Light is served once again. But now, we’re starting to see those sales have really dropped off 28 percent.

BOLDUAN: Ryan, it's — it’s really interesting and great that you got the temperature from people you're talking to. It's one of the —

SARA SIDNER: It's the culture wars. It's the culture wars.

BOLDUAN: It's a tough time.

SIDNER: Yeah it is.

BOLDUAN: Tough time.

SIDNER: Ryan Young, that was a great story. Thank you so much.