"Watch the News!" Scream MSNBC Russia Hoaxers Defending Schiff

June 22nd, 2023 6:13 PM

It’s back. Again. “Russia Collusion”, the prized trope of the liberal media, has returned in an ugly fashion- to defend compulsive liar Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA). On Thursday’s Morning Joe on MSNBC, host Joe Scarborough and The Financial Times’s Edward Luce teamed up to dig up the long dead Russia Collusion narrative as they raged over the House GOP censuring Schiff.

Scarborough argued that Schiff should not have been censured because, really it was he who was telling the truth the whole time, and the entire Durham investigation and Mueller Report that found no collusion between Trump and Russia, were wrong.

“He didn’t know one news item after another. And his lame response was, ‘I don’t follow the news. I don’t really read newspapers and watch television” Scarborough sobbed over Durham’s lack knowledge of leftist media talking points in his testimony before a House panel.

Because, of course, if you’re going to launch a serious investigation, your number one source should be the completely nonpartisan and factually reliable news media. It’s not like the liberal news media was a vessel for Adam Schiff’s repeated lies about Trump-Russia collusion. The leftist media needed to defend Schiff. He lied about the Steele Dossier in order to support his Russia Collusion narrative, and according to former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, even leaked classified information. “Watch the news,” they cried, because if you don’t you might end up having ideas they don’t like.

Scarborough even added a confusing comment on how Durham gets his news from “Chinese religious cults”, possibly a reference to the Falun Gong movement which opposes the Chinese Communist Party and has suffered numerous human rights abuses at the hands of the CCP, though whether they were a cult or not is debatable and John Durham had no known connection to them.

Scarborough’s smug companion Ed Luce then maligned the Republican Party as the party of Rep. George Santos (R-NY), as if a Republican also lying somehow cleared Schiff of any responsibility. But the real shocker came when Luce shamelessly cried that “There is no doubt that there was Russia collusion. There is absolutely no doubt that there was an attempt by Donald Trump to get Putin to assist in his election”

Luce gave no source or evidence for his assertion. Both the Mueller Report and the subsequent Durham Investigation in no way stated or implied that Trump tried to get Putin to interfere in the election.  Scarborough had at least referenced a Senate Intelligence Committee report to back up his claims, but that could only establish a relationship between Paul Manafort and a Russian operative, and also “faulted the FBI for giving ‘unjust credence’ to the information in Christopher Steele’s dossier”, a dossier which was the entire foundation for the Trump-Russia Collusion narrative.

Leftist media shills have cried wolf on the Russia Collusion hoax long enough, the biggest news here is that they are desperate and idiotic enough to keep up the same losing strategy.

Joe Scarborough’s collusion hoax was sponsored by Booking.com and Golden Corral. Their contact information is linked.

The transcript is below, click "expand" to read:

MSNBC’s Morning Joe


6:02 AM ET


JOE SCARBOROUGH: Ed Luce, they've censured Schiff. They can want really tell us why, other than he investigated what Marco Rubio's Intelligence Committee, Senate Intelligence Committee called, quote, ‘a grave counterintelligence threat to the United States of America.’ That's what Schiff was investigating. Let me say that again. 

He was investigating something that Marco Rubio's Senate Intel Committee said of Trump's 2016 interactions with Russia. ‘Manafort's high-level access and willingness to share information with individuals closely affiliated with the Russian intelligence services represented a grave counterintelligence threat.’ Okay, so he opens up an investigation against that and brings up, again, so many things that are disturbing. 

Then we keep hearing about the Biden crime family. But you ask the question, what crime? They can't tell you. Wall Street Journal editorial page rightly says, a lot of smoke, no fire. You’ve got Grassley, the most senior Republican, when confronted about a document they're looking for and how it really doesn't do anything to suggest Joe Biden did anything wrong. Because ‘we don't care whether they're right or wrong.’ You have Comey going out and saying, "We don't really care. We're just trying to bring down his poll numbers." Comer, I'm sorry, Comer. 

So, we have that and then, yesterday, I think maybe the saddest and most pathetic spectacle of all, when John Durham, who’s made a fool of himself time and again, brought one case after another, trying to slander the FBI, trying to slander Hillary Clinton. He goes before a House panel, and he claims to be completely ignorant of things that happened, that were on the front pages of The New York Times, that Marco Rubio's Intel committee wrote about. He even claimed that he didn't know about that grave counterintelligence threat to the United States. He didn't know that Donald Trump had asked Russia to find Hillary Clinton's emails. He didn't know one news item after another. And his lame response was, "I don't follow the news. I don't really read newspapers and watch television." 

This would be the starting point for any investigation of the investigators that he would have. And yet, they keep making fools of themselves. They're just gesturing to the most extreme members of the Republican Party, including Durham. People who get their news from Chinese religious cults. 

EDWARD LUCE: You know, if you were to ask me, is the Republican Party today closer to Mitt Romney or to George Santos, who is, you know, a clown of the first order and should not be in the House, I'm sad to say, I think it's closer to being the party of George Santos. 

The censure of Adam Schiff yesterday devalued an incredibly powerful and important tool of the legislature, disciplining and shaming its own members for criminal conduct, for extreme ethical breaches. What Adam Schiff did was uphold the constitutional duty of the House, to provide oversight of the executive, at a time when the executive was breaking all kinds of rules. It's become conventional wisdom to say, not just on the right but, you know, amongst polite conversation, to say that the Robert Mueller report exonerated Trump. 

I reread that 448-page report a few months ago, having read it originally at the time. It is an extremely damning document, corroborated, as you say, by the Senate Intelligence Committee report, signed off by Senate Republicans, that establishes multiple counts of obstruction of justice in the investigation into the alleged Russia collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia. 

There is no doubt that there was Russia collusion. There is absolutely no doubt that there was an attempt by Donald Trump to get Putin to assist his election. It wasn't critical probably to his election in 2016, so there's been some overstatement of that on the left. But of course it happened. So to censure a congressman, Adam Schiff, for this, makes it the party of George Santos. Just one last point, Adam Schiff said, "Look, one day, Trump will be gone but your dishonor will remain." 

This is dishonorable. This is deeply dishonorable.