Olivia Wilde Drops F-bombs Discussing Bieber Twitter Scandal on Tonight Show

March 13th, 2013 9:36 PM

As NewsBusters reported Sunday, Washington Post columnist Dana Milbank believes scholars in the future will be shocked by the number of F-bombs dropped by the Obama administration.

Considering the number of identical vulgarities proudly spoken without any hesitation by actress Olivia Wilde on NBC’s Tonight Show Tuesday, maybe present day scholars should be talking about how much all this public profanity - by women nonetheless! - is impacting the society (video follows with transcribed highlights and commentary):

During his interview with Wilde, host Jay Leno brought up a bit of trouble she got into on Twitter last week with pop star Justin Bieber.

Wilde explained that Bieber had a picture of him taken in London with his shirt off, and as she’s got a nineteen-year-old brother living there, she knows that it’s very cold there right now.

“So I told Justin Bieber, ‘Put your f—king shirt on,’” Wilde said.

Keep in mind that Wilde was clearly aware that she was on television.

She also knew this was going to come up because late night hosts talk to their guests before they come on the air about what they’re going to discuss.

In case you've never considered it, the goal of a late night host is not to play gotcha with the Hollywood elites gracing his stage.

As such, couldn’t Wilde have said “F-ing” or “the F-word" so as not to require her language to be censored thereby diminishing herself to the lowest lower common denominater whilst likely offending some viewers outside of the studio audience that typically eats this stuff up?

Even worse, when Leno showed the tweet, and did so by editing the vulgarity to read “f******,” Wilde once again said “f—king.”

I might be showing my age, but I remember when vulgarity was discouraged on television - even on late night talk shows.

I also remember when it was rare to hear a woman use such words in public.

Sadly, both occur quite frequently now.

Sick-making, isn't it - especially for those of us trying to raise children.