Joy Behar Rumored To Be Going To CNN

February 23rd, 2013 9:33 AM

Is Joy Behar leaving Al Current Jazeera for CNN?

So claimed the New York Post's Page Six Saturday:

The comedienne and “The View” host was spotted at the network this week meeting with new honcho Jeff Zucker, and the meeting sparked speculation that Behar — a former “Larry King Live” guest host who then landed her own highly rated show on CNN’s HLN — is part of Zucker’s plans to rejuvenate the channel.

Behar's HLN show was canceled in November 2011. She's been on Al Gore's Current TV - recently purchased by Al Jazeera - since last September.

Is CNN the next stop?

Those observing Zucker's moves since taking over at CNN feel he is trying to move the network away from pure news and more towards entertainment.

Where Behar fits in that mix is anyone's guess as her biases prevent her from delivering anything that could be considered news and she's anything but entertaining.