Chris Christie: NFL Commissioner 'Didn't Seem To Care One Bit' When Lights Went Out at Super Bowl

February 5th, 2013 8:54 AM

According to New Jersey Governor Chris Christie (R), NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell "didn't seem to care one bit" when the lights went out at the Superdome in the middle of Sunday's Super Bowl.

Christie, who was sitting in Goodell's box for the game, told CBS Late Show host David Letterman Monday of the Commissioner's reaction to the blackout, "He was eating some popcorn, checking his Blackberry. He seemed relatively unconcerned."

DAVE LETTERMAN, HOST: Governor Chris Christie is with us, and we were just talking about he was at the Super Bowl last night, and you were sitting, with you were the parents of the two coaches.


LETTERMAN: The Harbaughs. And what was that like? Because both sons, I mean really what did they want to happen there?

CHRISTIE: They sat there very quiet most of the night. You know, there was no clapping, no cheering. They looked almost physically in pain for most of the game. They really did. And I felt awful for them. They're just wonderful people, I mean really kind, nice people. We had conversations during timeouts, or at halftime. But they were, they were really wonderful folks, but they were clearly in misery.

LETTERMAN: One wonders what you would do in that situation being a parent for God sakes.

CHRISTIE: I mean, how do you pick?

LETTERMAN: And the NFL guy, Roger Goodell, he was with you last night?

CHRISTIE: Yeah, I was in his box.

LETTERMAN: What happened when the lights went out?

CHRISTIE: He didn't seem to care one bit actually. He was eating some popcorn, checking his Blackberry. He seemed relatively unconcerned, and I looked and I said, “That's leadership, look at this guy." He figured he's got people who are working on this.