Remarkable 7-Year-Old Analyzes Presidential Race on Tonight Show, Picks Gingrich

January 10th, 2012 8:20 PM

On Monday, Tonight Show host Jay Leno introduced America to Jack Taylor, a remarkable seven-year-old with an uncannily keen insight into politics.

After telling Leno that he doesn’t like President Obama because “all he does is spend, spend, spend,” Taylor took to rating the Republican presidential candidates (video follows with transcribed highlights and commentary):

Leno and company set Taylor up in a room to watch Sunday’s Meet the Press debate and offer his views on who should be the nominee.

The candidates were judged on five categories: focusable, seems smart, think outside the box, looks like Jay Leno, and can beat Obama.

After watching the debate, Taylor said, “I like Jon Huntsman because he is actually thinking about what’s going on, and because he knows about the healthcare plan, he knows about the economic plan, and I think he’s going to make it better if he gets voted. And he was right: people want to hear what you can do. He’s even got the suit.”

As for Rick Santorum, Taylor said, “He talks more about G-d than his economic plan. But G-d is a good thing because G-d is what created people, and I think people really look up to him a lot, and I think he is speaking a lot about G-d to make others feel good about it.”

With regard to Ron Paul, Taylor said he’s “like 86 years old. I hope it’s close. I have no idea. Ron Paul, he probably takes more naps than I do though.”

As it pertains to Rick Perry, Taylor wasn’t sure he’s “playing with a full deck.”

Moving to the former Speaker of the House, Taylor said, “I think that Newt Gingrich is presidential because he, he just, he speaks so strong, and I don’t like how he’s getting accused for it because I think that’s a good thing. I think Newt would be as a president would be a good name. Yeah, he could beat Barack Obama.”

As for Mitt Romney, Taylor said he “sure looks rich. Mitt Romney I think he is actually very good at being the president. I like how he speaks and because he’s, he doesn’t have anything wrong with him.”

As Taylor tallied up the results, Gingrich came in first because, amongst other things, he “looks like Jay Leno and has the same sized head.”

Rick Perry came in last. “Sorry, Rick. Zero out of five.”

As my accountant wrote me earlier today, "If only half of the voters in this country were as smart as this kid."

(H/T Greg Hengler via my accountant)