George Lopez: If Sarah Palin Becomes President 'I Will Move to Canada'

July 27th, 2011 1:55 AM

Last year, Sarah Palin-hating comedian George Lopez said that if the former governor of Alaska ever became president, all Latinos would move back to Mexico.

On Tuesday's "Piers Morgan Tonight," he took this further saying that if Palin gets to the White House, he'll move to Canada (video follows with transcript and commentary):

PIERS MORGAN,HOST: You said on immigration, "Elect Sarah Palin as President of the US in 2012 and we'll all leave voluntarily."

GEORGE LOPEZ: I agree. If Sarah Palin becomes president at any point, I will say allegedly, I will move to Canada.

MORGAN: Really?

LOPEZ: I will go further north. I've been south. I'll go further north.

MORGAN: You would literally leave the country?

LOPEZ: I would leave the United States of America.

MORGAN: Why would you be so drastic?

LOPEZ: I like my politicians to actually have a political background, to be politically -- to know politics, to actually have inherited something from working in the political world.

MORGAN: Why is someone like Sarah Palin so popular with so many people, do you think? How does she resonate with people?

LOPEZ: Well, she's --

MORGAN: What is she giving them they're not getting from conventional politicians?

LOPEZ: I -- is it that maverickness? Is it that homespun kind of Andy Griffith wink your eye, shift your imaginary gun thing? Maybe. Is it just that we've become a culture of personality? Of do we elect somebody by their smile instead of by their content? It's a little bit of all of that.

Of course, we heard this same nonsense in the last decade when numerous Hollywoodans including Alec Baldwin said they'd leave the country if George W. Bush became president.

Sadly for us, they never did.

So, I wouldn't hold my breath that Lopez will stick to his promise, but he sure does hate Sarah Palin:

*****Update: Readers are advised that CNN and Morgan used this segment to promote Tuesday's program.

At 5:19 PM Tuesday, I received an email message from one of CNN's publicists alerting me to what was going to air. It included a link to Morgan's CNN blog advertising the clip as well as the embed video code.

At roughly the same time, Morgan tweeted to his followers:








So guests bashing Palin are now a vehicle for CNN and its hosts to promote their programs.

Isn't that special?