Maher: GOP Primary Voters Want Misogynist, Racist, Homophobic Presidential Candidate

May 21st, 2011 5:05 PM

Bill Maher on Friday once again spent much of his "Real Time" program on HBO bashing conservatives.

During his final "New Rule," he accused Republican primary voters of wanting a presidential candidate who's misogynist, racist, and homophobic (video follows with transcript and commentary):

BILL MAHER: Now, in light of these criteria, here are the only people as I see as being acceptable candidates for the Republican base.

After suggesting Charlie Sheen – “He’s got the Trump swagger and the Bachmann IQ” – and Ted Nugent, Maher sank to new depths:

Maher_0.pngMAHER: Andrew Dice Clay. For decades, he's been called a misogynist, racist, and homophobic -- or what Republican primary voters call a good start. He was inexplicably popular at the same time Ronald Reagan was inexplicably popular, and speaks in a vernacular that the Republican base understands - nursery rhymes.

So Maher not only went after Republican candidates with this joke, he also attacked voters.

For the record, HBO is owned by Time Warner, a media conglomerate that includes CNN and Time magazine.

Do you need any more information about this corporation to understand why it's acceptable for one of its employees to attack fellow Americans - i.e. potential customers! - on national television?