Alec Baldwin: Sarah Palin 'Listless and Tired'; Harry Reid 'Driven and Methodical'

October 25th, 2010 10:13 AM

Alec Baldwin thinks former Alaska governor Sarah Palin "looks oddly listless and tired on the circuit these days."

In the same Huffington Post piece, the actor actually praised Harry Reid (D-Nev.) as "driven, methodical and philosophically galvanized":

The fact that a man of Reid's background (and being from Nevada) is not a staunch Republican should serve as a great inspiration to Congressional Democrats who want to maintain their majority and remind voters of the ultimately good and transformative power of a courageous and creative federal government.

Got that? The man hated by most residents of his state should serve as an inspiration to Congressional Democrats.

But Sarah Palin, who is eight days away from a huge victory in the polls?

Christine O'Donnell has attempted to present herself as Palin 2.0, yet the original Palin looks oddly listless and tired on the circuit these days and she has done virtually nothing to expand or freshen up her act. Like some Charo of the Chugach, Palin grinds out the same quips and winks and seems even less prepared for 2012, in any capacity, than she did in 2008. O'Donnell styled herself after the wrong role model, and obviously failed to understand that Palin's future in national politics is anything but secure.

I know - he's only an actor, but this view is likely shared by most members of the media, which is the truly frightening thing.