Glenn Beck: 'Rick Sanchez Is The Dumbest Man Ever On Television'

August 21st, 2010 2:42 PM

Glenn Beck on Thursday told his radio audience that CNN's Rick Sanchez is the dumbest man ever on television.

As NewsBusters has been chronicling the bumblings and stumblings of Sanchez for quite some time, we're certainly not going to take the other side of this debate.

Even if we tried, it would be difficult for the conservative talker highlighted many of this genius's missteps that we've also shared with our readers recently (video follows with transcript and clips of related miscues, h/t The Right Scoop):

GLENN BECK, HOST: The Rick Sanchez who I honestly don't know how the man ties his own shoes. I'm sure he has slip ones. Rick Sanchez, quite possibly the dumbest man on television, and that's saying something because there's some dumb people in television. But Rick Sanchez I think has to be the dumbest man in television. A guy who doesn't understand that a volcano can happen in a cold place like Iceland.

(Begin audiotape)

RICK SANCHEZ, CNN: I was just asking Chad, how can you get a volcano in Iceland? Isn't it too when you think of a volcano, you think of, like, Hawaii and long words like that. You don't think of Iceland. You think it's too cold to have a volcano there.

(End audiotape)

BECK: Long words like Hawaii.

(Begin audiotape)

SANCHEZ: It's too cold to have a volcano there.

(End audiotape)

BECK: Too cold to have a volcano there. And besides, when you think of volcanoes, you think of long words like Hawaii.

STU BURGUIERE: Which are shorter than Iceland.

BECK: What a dope. This guy's the dumbest man ever on television.

PAT GRAY: I don't know how you can say that.

BECK: You don't know?

GRAY: I don't. I don't know how you

BECK: That's the only example I have.

GRAY: Well, there might be others, but...

(Begin audiotape)

SANCHEZ: 3:00. Thanks so much, Wolf, appreciate it. Look forward to seeing you. Good job on the Situation Room today, as I'm sure you will do.

Up next, ad lib, a tease, that's what it says right here.

(End audiotape)

BECK: What a dope.

GRAY: But I mean, you couldn't find anything else.


(Begin audiotape)

SCIENTIST: Down here we had this big drop. This is about a 9 meter drop.

SANCHEZ: Nine meter drop?

SCIENTIST: Nine meters.

SANCHEZ: What does that mean?

SCIENTIST: Well, it means that the ocean waves are doing something, that we're seeing some changes. It's been going down and

SANCHEZ: By the way, nine meters in English is?

(End audiotape)

GRAY: Still nine meters, Rick, it's still nine meters.

BECK: Still nine meters. And meters is English.

GRAY: (Laughing).

BECK: What a dope.

GRAY: I love it.

BECK: Anyway, so here's his here's his latest. "If you start going into who's giving money, you gotta go to Rome and start asking where's the money going into Rome." What? And you have to go to the Mormons and ask, what are they doing with their money?" No, I don't know if you get this, Rick. The Catholic church and no renegade part of the Catholic church is flying planes into building.

GRAY: Yeah, but remember that group, that band of marauding Mormons? Remember them?

BECK: They were really...

GRAY: Remember them?

BECK: Holy cow, yeah.

GRAY: Remember they continued to scream that they would do it again, too?

BECK: Yeah.

GRAY: Remember that?

BECK: And they were like, yi, yi, yi, yi, yi, no coffee! Oh, that was great!

GRAY: Threaten Starbucks? Oh, my gosh.

BECK: Well, they threatened never to walk into a Starbucks because there was really nothing well, the hot cocoa is pretty good. So this Mormon goes in there. But anyway, that's a whole different story. You are onto something, Rick. You are onto something. And when I think of Catholics and Mormons, I normally think of really... bigger words like decent.

GRAY: Or Jew.

BECK: (Laughing). Long words like that.