Washington State Bails Out Media: Newspapers Get Tax Cut

May 13th, 2009 10:18 AM

Isn't this marvelous?

Americans are struggling to keep their jobs and pay their bills; the White House and a Democrat-controlled Congress want to impose a carbon cap-and-trade scheme along with universal healthcare, both destined to dramatically raise taxes from current levels, and; struggling newspapers in Washington state are getting a 40 percent reduction in business taxes!

I guess preserving liberal media is much more important than the best interest of citizens as reported by the Seattle Times Tuesday:

Gov. Chris Gregoire has approved a tax break for the state's troubled newspaper industry.

The new law gives newspaper printers and publishers a 40 percent cut in the state's main business tax. The discounted rate mirrors breaks given in years past to the Boeing Co. and the timber industry.

Exit question: when do average Americans who didn't borrow more money than they could afford to pay back get THEIR bailout in the form of a tax cut...hmmm?

Furthermore, why are tax cuts somehow wrong and un-American when Republicans suggest them for the citizenry, but just fine for struggling companies?'

I'm just asking.