Obama's Acceptance Stage Built by Britney Spears' Set Designer

August 28th, 2008 2:09 PM

Remember a few weeks ago when supposedly impartial media members were angered by a McCain ad that likened Barack Obama to Britney Spears?

Well, the stage that Obama will be giving his acceptance speech from Thursday evening was actually built by the same guy that designs Britney Spears' concert sets.

I kid you not.

As reported by the NY Post Thursday (emphasis added, photo courtesy NYP):

As if a Rocky Mountain coronation were not lofty enough, Barack Obama will aim for Mount Olympus when he accepts his party's nomination atop an enormous, Greek-columned stage - built by the same cheesy set team that put together Britney Spears' last tour.  [...]

"We've done Britney's sets and a whole bunch of rock shows, but this was far more elaborate and complicated and we had to do it in far less time," said Allen, of RDA Entertainment.

"The biggest challenge has been making sure we don't damage the playing field underneath."

Asked who is harder to sat isfy [sic] - the Democrats or Britney - Allen replied: "I better not answer that."

Think the gushing media masses will be reporting this interesting little tidbit this evening?

Yes, that's a rhetorical question.