FNC’s Kirsten Powers: ‘Here’s the Deal With Liberal Talk Radio – It Sucks!’

June 24th, 2007 12:14 AM

Most Fox News watchers are familiar with Kirsten Powers, the outspoken Democrat strategist and political analyst that is often a guest of Bill O’Reilly’s.

On Friday, Powers sat in for Brian Kilmeade on Fox Radio’s “Brian and the Judge.” At issue was the just-released report from the Center for American Progress regarding conservative domination of AM radio.

To say the least, Powers' take on this subject wouldn’t ingratiate her with folks like Hillary Clinton and Barbara Boxer (audio available here, h/t Allah at Hot Air):

Here’s the deal with liberal talk radio – it sucks! I don’t know if you’ve ever listened to it…I’m talking like the liberal talk radio, like on Air America which is not free market. It’s a bunch of donors getting together and starting, you know, a business. It’s not a business…I don’t know what it is, I don’t know if the listeners are more naturally conservative, and liberals are already listening to NPR, and they’re not looking for something new. All I know is that I’ve tried to listen to it, and I’m not talking about Alan [Colmes], I'm talking about an Air America, and I just don’t find it compelling. And obviously other people don’t find it compelling, cause it’s not successful.

Incredible, wouldn’t you agree? The Air America folks can’t even get their own constituents to listen to them, and people like Ed Schultz, Hillary Clinton, Barbara Boxer, and the Center for American Progress want the citizens to believe the reason there aren’t more liberal shows on AM radio is because the corporations that own radio stations are all run by conservatives.

Makes you wonder if these people all believe in the Easter bunny, too.