Ben Affleck's Vulgar Tirade About Cowardly [Bleeping] Democrats Caving on Iraq

May 26th, 2007 9:18 AM

If you had any questions about how antiwar liberals were going to respond when the Democrats didn’t withdraw American troops from Iraq like they promised during the 2006 campaign, you got your answers last night on HBO’s “Real Time with Bill Maher.”

When the host moved the discussion to what the panel thought of “the Democrats, you know, caving in on this Iraq spending bill,” actor Ben Affleck went on a tirade about these “f***ing people,” saying that the “Democrats live in fear of basically, you know, being called cowards” and of “looking like p***ies.

Affleck concluded his attack on his Party by marvelously saying, "And they wonder why people call them f***ing weak" (video available here courtesy of our friend Ms Underestimated).

What follows is a partial transcript of this raucous rant, with warnings to the reader that a great deal of vulgarity is involved:

BILL MAHER, HOST: Now, what did you think of the Democrats, you know, caving in on this Iraq spending bill? Yah, I mean…

BEN AFFLECK, ACTOR/ACTIVIST: These fucking people. You know what it is? Democrats, this is the fucking problem with them.

MAHER: Let it out, Ben. Let it out.

AFFLECK: I’m going to do it right now, because, you know what’s funny about this fucking giveaway? The Democrats live in fear of basically, you know, being called cowards. Of looking soft on military. Of looking like pussies, basically. We’re afraid that somebody’s going to call us a pussy. That someone’s going to criticize us. And these people got elected basically on opposing the war. They got sent to Washington to oppose the war. They went there to make a vote on opposing the war. And then, when they got sent back the bill to, you know, and they were told, “Look, you know, the President’s not going to, you know, you have to put these, uh, you know, timelines in there, you know, you’re either going to vote for or against this measure that says, you have to, if you want this money, you have to give us timelines to get out of Iraq. Are you going to be for this or against it?”

They were afraid that if they basically sent it back to the President and said, “No, we need the timelines,” and they left, for Memorial Day vacation, that when they left, the President would criticize them when they went on vacation for not supporting the troops. In other words…While they were on vacation, they were afraid of being criticized. So rather, out of a fear of being criticized, they sacrificed their core political beliefs. And they wonder why people call them fucking weak.