Sean Hannity Declares Sean Penn an ‘Enemy of the State’

January 10th, 2007 10:10 AM

It is surprising that this slipped under the radar, but during the Sunday inaugural of Sean Hannity’s new program on Fox News "Hannity's America," the host declared actor Sean Penn an “Enemy of the State” for his vitriolic remarks about the President and others in the Administration (video available here). NewsBusters has reported and chronicled many of Penn's absurd statements here, here, here, and here.

A full transcript of this marvelous segment in which Hannity takes one of Hollywood's most outspoken liberals to task follows:

And finally tonight, the “Enemy of the State.” This week, actor, activist, and all around very angry man, Sean Penn takes the honors. Now, besides calling little old me a whore at a recent speech, Penn has called for the impeachment of just about everybody in the Bush administration, and called them bastards.

Now, Penn can say whatever he wants, and we invite him on this program to sit in the “Hot Seat” and defend his outlandish comments. But, the real question is who does this guy speak for, who does he represent other than other bad actors.

So Sean Penn, you are this week’s “Enemy of the State.”