Howard Dean Explains Why He Won’t Debate RNC Chair Ken Mehlman on TV

October 24th, 2006 11:51 AM

This one is too good, folks, and requires all drinking vessels to be placed at safe distances from computer terminals (hat tip to Drudge). For many months, DNC Chairman Howard Dean has been refusing to do joint interviews with RNC Chairman Ken Mehlman. Instead, he has insisted that when the two are on the same show, they be questioned separately.

This morning, he was asked why on MSNBC. Frankly, his answer was hysterical (video here): “The spectacle of the debate overwhelms the desire to get messages out, and talk about policy and serious issues.” He then stated, with a straight face no less:

A lot of what happens on television is what I call infotainment, and I don’t think that’s a particularly good thing. Interviews like this give us a chance to talk about our message. Debates with Ken simply inflame things, and it looks like a gladiatorial (stammer, stammer) contest.

Well, Howard, I guess we shouldn’t have candidates debate each other either. Let’s just allow folks to say whatever they want about their opponents without ever having to face them. Sound good?

Of course, in reality, the networks shouldn’t allow Dean to dictate such terms. If he’s not interested in being interviewed along with the RNC chairman, they ought to decline him the opportunity. After all, this would certainly be the ultimatum given to any Republican who tried to get away with this nonsense.