The 8 Worst Moments from The View’s Useless ‘Conservatives’ in 2023

December 25th, 2023 4:00 PM

2023 was the first full year since ABC expanded the cast of The View to six co-hosts by cramming both former Trump White House staffer Alyssa Farah Griffin and former Republican strategist/lobbyist Ana Navarro into the “conservative” seat at the table. But despite doubling the number of supposedly right-leaning voices in their discussions, the two ladies have proven to be everything but strong conservative counterpoints to the other liberal ladies.

Whether it’s Navarro’s rabid anti-Republican bent and refusal to defend longtime conservative policy proposals or Farah Griffin’s spineless capitulation to the likes of staunchly racist and anti-Semitic co-host Sunny Hostin, both have proven themselves to be faux-conservatives.

Presented here, in no particular order, are their eight worst moments from 2023.

  1. The View Demands Republicans Capitulate to Democrats in Speaker Vote

At the start of the year, the House of Representatives was in turmoil as multiple rounds of voting did not produce a viable Republican nominee to take over the speakership. Farah Griffin proclaimed she “would love to see Democrats and Republicans come together.” She touted far-left Democrat Ro Khanna (CA) who said he would support “a moderate Republican” for speaker.

  1. ‘Unifying the Soul’: The View Gushes for Biden’s 2024 Campaign Ad

With the 2024 presidential race just beginning to warm up in April, Farah Griffin gushed about a campaign ad put out by President Biden. She boasted that Biden’s video “signals” the President “is champing at the bit to run against Trump or Ron DeSantis. He’s going after – he’s rightly saying, ‘Oh, they're going to target LGBTQ individuals, they’re going to go after abortion rights.’”

She even asked Republicans: “Are you tired of losing?”

  1. The View’s Faux Conservatives Want GOP to Abandon Pro-Life Stance

Perhaps nothing proves just how un-conservative were more than them advocating for Republicans to abandon the pro-life position. “There’s just a lot of the Republican Party is leaning so far into, you know, wanting to place as many restrictions on abortion,” Farah Griffin whined as she pushed the liberal lie that pro-lifers didn’t care about babies and others after the birth.

Navarro described protecting unborn life as the “horrible consequences” of the overruling of Roe V. Wade and decried that “Republicans…keep” racing and “competing to see how low can you go in terms of” restricting abortions.



  1. The View’s Republicans Blame 'Gun-Owner Apologists' for Mass Shootings

Keeping to focus on abandoning conservative principles, The View’s Republicans were arguably some of the staunchest anti-gun rights voices on television. Farah Griffin has repeatedly flaunted her ignorance of firearms and firearm policy when pushes liberal lies like mass shootings were a “uniquely American problem.”

Navarro claimed: “The Republicans in Washington are bought and paid for by special interests, by gun manufacturers, and that's who they are responding to and that's who they are representing, not their constituents.”

  1. The View Refuses to Press AOC’s Dress Designer on Ethics Investigation

While quick to pounce on Republican controversies, Farah Griffin often didn’t have the spine to confront liberals on theirs, particularly when they were in front of her. In May, she found herself face-to-face with fashion designer Aurora James, who made the infamous “Tax the Rich” dress worn by New York Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D) to the Met Gala in 2012.

Farah Griffin couldn’t find it in her to press James on the House Ethics Committee investigation Ocasio-Cortez was facing because of the dress and event.

The next three feature the faux conservatives going to bat for President Biden and other allegedly corrupt Democrats.

  1. The View’s FAKE Conservative Demands House Ignore Evidence, Not Impeach Biden

Despite mounting evidence of an alleged Biden family corruption scheme, Farah Griffin suggested there wasn’t any evidence and demanded that House Republicans ignore it all:

If someone can come forward and say, ‘Here is the evidence that Joe Biden somehow profited off of Hunter Biden's misgivings,’ 100 percent. I have not seen that. And my advice to House Republicans is: put up or shut up on this. Make it abundantly clear where a Democrat can't even look away because they see corruption there.



  1. Hostin/Farah Admit to Evidence Against Biden, Argue Trump Was Worse

Nearly two months later, Farah Griffin admitted that there was indeed evidence of alleged Biden family corruption but argued that Trump was far worse. She admitted there was an appearance of “impropriety related to Biden's involvement with Hunter,” but chalked it up to unfortunate “misrepresentations” from the President.

  1. Navarro Praises Menendez, Prays for ‘Logical Explanation’ for Hidden Gold Bars

In the wake of Democratic Senator Bob Menendez’s (NJ) corruption indictment, Navarro lamented that “this is personally hard for me” and that she was “shaken” by the bribery allegations. She also bizarrely admitted to bringing her “wealthy clients” to meet the Senator. She said she was “hoping against hope that there is some sort of logical explanation.”

She later suggested that since he beat the last set of corruption allegations he faced, he could beat these too.