Taylor Lorenz Lashes Out at MSNBC Over Reaction to Her Fake Cry Viral Video

September 13th, 2022 3:30 PM

Washington Post technology columnist, crybully, pathological liar, and online harasser picked a new target to abuse Monday night in the form of NBC/MSNBC correspondent Morgan Radford. Lorenz went on another unhinged rant, this time blaming Radford for the ridicule she received following an ironic April Fool’s Day interview where Lorenz fake cried about being the victim of online harassment when she herself was an infamous perpetrator and abuser.

In the ridiculous interview where the over-50-something claimed to be “under 35,” Lorenz claimed to have “severe PTSD,” “contemplated suicide,” and feared being doxed (like she victimizes others with) because of right-wing media figures like Tucker Carlson. Of course, this led to mass and just ridicule and the proliferation of memes featuring Lorenz’s fake cry face.



Five months later, Lorenz was calling it the biggest “regret in [her] career” and framing the interview as Radford stabbing women not just her but every female journalist in the back.

“Her complete mishandling of the story has led to immense fallout and months of abuse. I cannot warn women loudly enough to stay away from her/MSNBC,” she declared in her Twitter rant. “Never did I think a fellow woman journalist would throw a colleague under the bus, especially one that purports to advocate for marginalized communities.”



Claiming “women journalists constantly ask me how to get their stories out, or whether they should do interviews,” Lorenz implored them to keep things to themselves saying: “All I can say is do NOT trust anyone in the media to tell your story or report on harassment accurately, especially TV news people. They do not care about u [sic] or getting it right[.]

Lorenz concluded by trying to portray herself as a champion of victims of online harassment:

I’m so grateful to the orgs I’ve been able to work w/ to educate people on issues of online harassment & abuse. We need to change how the media tells these stories and force newsrooms to take this stuff seriously. It’s been almost a decade since gamergate, we can do better[.]



But this rant came shortly after one of Lorenz’s repeated targets of harassment, Libs of TikTok posted yet another message from the Washington Post bully threatening to run a story falsely claiming the account “helped to foster violence,” generate “death threats,” and “intend[ed] to continue to target hospitals” with bomb threats.

All of which are untrue and not supported with evidence.



Radford has not made any public statements about Lorenz’s tweets against her.

In a different instance of how that interview had blown up in the face of MSNBC and Radford, they were accused of misgendering a transgender journalist who was being interviewed alongside Lorenz.