MRC’s Bozell Sounds Off to Mark Levin on ‘Frightening’ Media Coverage of Trump Trial

May 31st, 2024 2:41 PM

Hours after a jury in far-left Manhattan found former President Trump guilty Thursday on all 34 counts in Soros-backed D.A. Alvin Bragg’s sham trial, Media Research Center’s Founder and President Brent Bozell joined Mark Levin on his syndicated radio show to discuss the MRC’s bombshell study on network coverage of the trial and the “frightening” simpatico between the Biden regime and the liberal, “neo-Marxist” media.



Bozell first went into the numbers of the study from our Curtis Houck and Rich Noyes:

If you look at the network newscast coverage since the beginning of trial of the jury selection, there have been a total of 640 minutes that have been devoted to this. Now, that’s a huge amount and you can say, well, look, it’s a trial where the former President is on trial. So — and I’ll agree with you that it’s an important issue, but I would also remind you that there have been other important trials such as the impeachment of Bill Clinton, such as Benghazi with Hillary, such as an alphabet soup having to do with — with Joe Biden. And there’s been no of that. But let’s put that aside. Look at the 640 minutes. 244 of those 644 minutes have been devoted to attacking Donald Trump. So one third of the coverage that was done on. This was not in any way pretending to be even handed. It was — it was an attack. Now, now let’s look deeper into the numbers and this is where it really is going to get very bothersome....[L]et’s look at how the networks are telling their viewers. Let’s start with the D.A. — Bragg — Alvin Bragg. Who is Alvin Bragg? Well, you know that he’s a Democrat...[H]ow much coverage did they give Bragg? How much coverage did they, did they talk about him?..[O]n NBC News, there were two references to Alvin Bragg. No stories done on ABC. The only time you heard about Alvin Bragg being a Democrat was one sound bite by Donald Trump. On CBS News, there wasn’t a single reference to the political agenda of Alvin Bragg[.]

Bozell then argued the instances of burying and/or omitting key facts of the trial on ABC, CBS, and NBC weren’t “bias by ignorance” but rather “a deliberate attempt to go in for the kill for the Biden campaign” and do the bidding of the President.

“I think it’s got to be the most dishonest media performance I’ve ever seen and by God, I’ve seen a lot,” he added.

Levin agreed, noting the press has been “giddy” in “promoting” the trial.

Bozell replied with an NBC poll showing that, among Americans whose primary source of news was ABC, CBS, or NBC, Biden leads Trump by 20 points, 55 to 35 percent.

He then went into how only three minutes of network evening coverage (through Wednesday) brought up the fact that lead prosecution witness Michael Cohen had been convicted of perjury; as well as zero mentions of Judge Juan Merchan being a Biden donor.

“Again...deliberate that they are not going to tell their viewers who Michael Cohen is...Now, you understand why Biden enjoys a 55 to 35 percent lead over Donald Trump with that demographic. It is feeding directly into them and this is a decision on a presidential campaign that could be decided by a couple of points,” Bozell exclaimed.

The MRC Founder also reiterated something he told WMAL’s O’Connor & Company, which was these network “airwaves belong to the American people” and Congress should hold hearings to get into this.

In a second segment, the two discussed whether the guilty verdict would help or hurt Trump on the campaign trail (click “expand”):

LEVIN: So, going forward here, do you think this will have an impact on the election? I mean, we know the media will use this as an opportunity to constantly ding and bang and hammer Trump on behalf of Biden. Do you think that’ll have an impact? It can’t help, right?

BOZELL: I — I think it will. I think it’s gonna help Trump and, and here’s why. The — if — if the mag — the MAGA nation will be more solid behind him than it’s ever been before. That’s point number one. You will have no defections. Number two, you’ve had some people who have defected from the Biden camp because of economic issues. That’s the one thing they care about, they care about inflation, they care about mortgage rates, they care about the price of gasoline. They don’t give a damn about this and they’re not going to change their votes back to Biden when their — when their — their issue is pocketbook issues. Not to mention the border, not to mention Israel and so many other things that the Biden administration is messed up. And then thirdly, I think there’s going to be a segment of the — the soft Biden vote that’s going to look at this and it’s going to believe that there’s something fundamentally unfair and fundamentally wrong and then they’re going to see Donald Trump on the campaign trail, Donald Trump in rallies where he’s going to have 100,000 people behind him, cheering him on and people are going to start second guessing this. It’s just my hunch. I don’t think this is gonna hurt him. I think this is going to help him.

It was following this that Bozell dropped the hammer, declaring there’s zero “distinction between the news media and Joe Biden” and how it’s “frightening” to realize nothing would look different “[i]f Joe Biden were running NBC, CBS, and ABC, if he was in charge of the decision making.”

“[W]e saw biased media against Ronald Reagan. We saw a biased media against media against both Bushes. You’ve seen the biased media against Republican presidential candidates and presidents for as long as we can remember. You’ve never seen a media like this — a media that not just are biased, but they’re lying through their teeth. And more importantly, they’re keeping information from the American people,” he added.

The pair wrapped with a thorough dismantling of the “neo-Marxist worldview...of the far left” in the media and how disconnected they are from reality (click “expand”): 

BOZELL: I do believe they share in the neo-Marxist worldview of — of the — of the far left. And the reason I say that is because they give aid and comfort and they advance it. Look at how — look at how they advanced the Black Lives Matter movement, which was a self-described Marxist movement. Look how they’ve advanced antifa. That’s a terrorist organization. Look how they’ve advanced the pro-Hamas movement which they love to call Palestinian. It’s pro-Hamas, the Hamas people could not be any happier with the networks than they are today. They’ve been — and by the way, they’ve been doing this for years with Israel. For years, they’ve been doing this. So, um, are they the tip of the spear too for neo-Marxism in America today? Absolutely. Do — do — would they make Walter Cronkite shudder in this belief? Absolutely.

LEVIN: Mmhmm. Well, we can’t actually do anything about them other than compete against them, keep building platforms against them, exposing them and hoping the American people understand what’s taking place, but isn’t this also a problem? That is the indoctrination in our academic — in our schools and so forth and our academic teachings. And moreover, a wide open border, people coming in who have no idea whatsoever about American history and the constitution. And we get, we’re gonna get the opposite of it in our public school system.

BOZELL: And — and — and — and what they’re being taught is that American exceptionalism is wrong. They’re being taught critical race theory, that America is fundamentally a racist country. They’re being taught that the alternative is the 1619 Project, which came out of The New York Times which suggests that you don’t need 1776. You don’t need the Constitution, you don’t need the Republic. You can come up with a new country. That’s what immigrants are being hit with. That’s what America’s children are being hit with. Again, this is a news media that could care less about the news. This is indoctrination at every single level. You know, think about a reporter and what real life experience a reporter has a reporter goes to Rutgers or goes to Yale or Princeton and then goes to the Columbia School of Journalism and then gets a job in The New York Times and works his way up. That reporter has never seen a piece of daylight of Americana. That person has never held a real job, that person’s never run a business, has no concept of the free market system. So many left wingers are that way today. I remember the — the story about George McGovern who, when he left office, started a bed and breakfast and because of regulations, it went out of business and he said, if only I had known the consequences of my actions. Well, they have no concept of consequences. You’ve got these punks — these are 20, 30 year old punks who don’t know a lick about the oil industry, passing judgment on the oil industry. They don’t have a lick of economic sense and they’re telling you that Joe Biden’s America is doing very well economically. They don’t have a problem with mortgage rates. They make very nice cha-ching in New York and Washington DC. They don’t have families, they don’t have children, they don’t have responsibilities out there in real America where you have families and you have children, like my children have their Children. They’re struggling when the price of gas has gone up under Joe Biden — has gone up 46 percent, when inflation has gone from 1.9 percent, which was the average under Donald Trump, he brought it down 1.4. Biden took it to 5.5, when you see mortgage rates go up 156 percent where people can’t buy homes. That’s real America. People in Washington D.C. don’t have that problem. They just rent apartments and live a good life and go out to restaurants and Starbucks every single day. That’s a false economy. In the real world, which these reporters have never visited, it’s quite different and it’s quite tragic.