NewsBusters Editors Tim Graham and Curtis Houck Talk About Biden's Mind on Newsmax

February 25th, 2024 6:31 AM

NewsBusters Executive Editor Tim Graham and Managing Editor Curtis Houck appear every Friday in the 10 am hour on Newsmax’s National Report. On this Friday’s edition, Tim and Curtis discussed the media’s strange tendency to tell the public that President Biden’s sharp as a tack in private, unlike the bumbler and mumbler we see in public.

Curtis said reporters try to claim that Biden is on top of his game in private, asking great questions, and if he makes a mistake, it’s not a sign he’s mentally unfit for office, it’s just everyone makes mistakes.

Newsmax host Emma Rechenberg asked why the press wouldn’t want to demand more interviews and press conferences to prove his fitness. Tim said our ongoing joke at NewsBusters is this is how the press shows you they have no self-respect. They're simply unwilling to demand more access, so the public can see the president take hard questions.


In addition, Newsmax showed video of CNN pundit (and The View co-host) Alyssa Farah Griffin discussing how there is a "moral rot" and a "brain rot" on the right over Russia. Curtis pointed out that Alyssa worked for four years in the Trump White House in several positions, and now suddenly there's a moral rot...once she's accepted gigs with Whoopi Goldberg and with CNN.