Help Pick the MRC Bulldog Awards for the Best in Journalism

March 23rd, 2022 12:10 PM

The Media Research Center has had fun bestowing our DisHonors Awards on those members of the media least deserving of accolades. Now, we want to recognize those most deserving of accolades and we’re looking for the guidance of NewsBusters readers to help us select the deserving winners of the Media Research Center’s Bulldog Awards for the best in journalism.

Go to this page to make your nominations.

Let us know who you think has done outstanding work in the areas covered in the six categories, the kind of work appreciated by conservatives that is so disdained by the legacy media which will never honor it as they pile on honorifics for left wing advocacy by all too many “journalists.” Look at it as our version of the Pulitzer Prizes.

Nominations will close this weekend, so get them in by Sunday night, March 27.

Please provide:

> The name of the deserving winner.
> Their publication, outlet, Web site or blog; and a link to their work.
> Tell us why they are deserving. Describe how they are outstanding, citing examples of their work and, if you can, provide a link to a specific outstanding post or clip. In short, give us enough information so we can identify and assess their best work.

The six prize categories:

♦ MRC Bulldog Award for Outstanding Commentary

♦ MRC Bulldog Award for Outstanding Podcast

♦ MRC Bulldog Award for Outstanding Blogger

♦ MRC Bulldog Award for Outstanding Use of Social Media

♦ MRC Bulldog Award for Outstanding Radio Talk Show Host

♦ MRC Bulldog Award for Outstanding Investigative Journalism (uncovering topics ignored or suppressed by the legacy media)

The Media Research Center will carefully assess your suggestions in order to determine which of those you have nominated are most deserving and those award winners will be announced in late April.

Again, go to this page to submit your nominations.