VIDEO: For America's Bozell Explains How Cantor Destroyed His Credibility with Conservatives

June 12th, 2014 5:13 PM

Rep. Eric Cantor has only himself to blame for losing the respect, trust, and votes of Tea Party conservatives, and with it, his House seat in Virginia's 7th congressional district, For America chairman Brent Bozell explained on Wednesday's Kelly File [watch the full segment here or by clicking play on the embed below the page break]:

It was a series of things, Megyn. It was going to Amelia Island to speak to a left-wing Republican organization that is devoted to destroying the Tea Party. It was refusing to fight on ObamaCare. It was not fighting on fiscal issues. It was not giving conservatives a hearing on anything, while demanding to be considered a conservative and it was time to have a conversation about who the real Eric Cantor was. And Eric Cantor was the heart and soul of the Republican establishment in Washington D.C. So we had that national conversation, and in the end, the voters voted. 

Asked by Kelly if illegal immigration was what really rang the death knell for Cantor's congressional career, Bozell -- who is also president of NewsBusters's parent company the Media Research Center -- admitted it may have been the "tipping point," but that all around he the majority leader had simply given up both on aggressively fighting the Obama agenda and on promoting conservative alternatives:

Immigration might have been the tipping point. It was ObamaCare. People who were trying to defund ObamaCare ran into an obstacle with him. It was the fiscal conservatives who were trying to advance a "cut, cap, and balance" agenda. They got no fair hearing from him. It was the pro-lifers who found that his PAC was supporting pro-aborts.

It was on and on and on, where conservatives finally realized this man does not walk with us. He is not a movement conservative. He might have been one day. But he isn't today. He's part of the elites in Washington, D.C.

He's the kind of person who's gone along with everything we say is wrong with Barack Obama, but he has funded it all.