MRC's Bozell Discussed Media's Lies About Limbaugh on Saturday's 'Fox & Friends'

October 19th, 2009 11:06 AM
Media Research Center (MRC) President Brent Bozell took to the MRC studio Saturday morning for an interview with "Fox & Friends" about how the media latched onto phony quotes attributed to Rush Limbaugh, helping to scuttle his St. Louis Rams ownership bid.

Bozell also commented on how NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell insisted his quarrel with the radio talk show host was his "polarizing comments" about Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Donovan McNabb back in 2003.

"Nine out of ten people have no idea what Roger Goodell is talking about" and those who do know what Goodell was referencing know that "again, Rush Limbaugh was right," that some sports journalists hyped an overrated McNabb because of politically correct considerations [MP3 audio available here]:

What he said about Donovan McNabb was that he believed that there were people in the media that were cheering him on because he was a black quarterback. They jumped all over him for that. Somehow that was a racial statement. The only problem being, I wrote a column on it at the time, and I cited chapter and verse from reporters, from columnists who wrote exactly that.... Roger Goodell had a responsibility to know what he was talking about and by the way, they didn't go after Rush because of the McNabb quote, they went after him because they suggested, believe it or not, that Rush Limbaugh had said that he supported James Earl Ray, the man who assassinated Martin Luther King, and also that he supported slavery, which are preposterous statements.... So Roger Goodell, a) had a responsibility to know what he was talking about and b) looking into the facts, he had a responsibility, I think, to defend Rush Limbaugh. And here's the great irony: there is no greater supporter of the NFL in the private sector than Rush Limbaugh.