What Does Obama Want with Our Children?

September 2nd, 2009 9:16 PM

As many parents are focused on back to school clothes and supplies, the royal Czar Czar prepares to circumvent parental authority and speak directly to our children in one week. What will he command? That's a good question that the media won't ask, and one that could easily be answered right now while parents still have time to decide if they need a sitter or not. But like all things Obama does, it's spur of the moment and covert.

We do know that there is a task demand being handed out to Pre-K through sixth graders that includes students writing answers to things like "What is the President asking me to do?", perhaps to make sure the indoctrination has taken or not. Tasks to be completed after the indoctrination include writing letters about "what they can do to help the president" which are then to be collected and used by teachers to "make students accountable to their goals." Incredible.

We may be able to get a flavor of what will be presented through the NEA union that controls our children with the presentation of the "I Pledge" video shown to children at Eagle Bay Elementary School last week in an assembly. In this video stars "pledge to be a servant of Barack Obama." They also pledge not to use plastic bags and to end slavery.

Or maybe if we're lucky our newly indoctrinated kids will come home with a whole new song and dance.

This much is certain, the entire cadre of Ombud children will be having a parent sanctioned skip day September 8th, but that's not enough. The public and the media need to demand that a transcript of this speech be made available before the weekend. Yes you can.

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