CBS Affiliate Goes Ghost Hunting

September 23rd, 2005 1:27 AM

There are some who would argue journalists don't do serious stories about religion. The respect for a higher power cherished by the majority in this country is not a voice represented in the newsroom. Some might think that even when religion is approached in a story, it is treated like wacky antics of the criminally insane.

Well that just isn't true. You obviously don't care about black people and want to send the children of others to die in Iraq funded on the lunch money of the poor if you believe that.

Take this local CBS News story from the network's San Francisco affiliate. Sure it didn't bump Cindy Sheehan off the front page, but it did pay respect to religion with this hard hitting investigation titled "Interview with a Vampire".

  • It starts off with the US military purging evil spirits from a New Orleans building with holy water, in the name of Jesus Christ.
  • It has a US soldier talking about New Orleans being "ingrained in voodoo, cannibalism, and witchcraft."
  • The reporter herself sees a ghost, but apparently doesn't consider it worthy of getting on tape.
  • US soldier says "We're bringing the light. Wherever soldiers go, there goes the word of God."
  • US soldiers cite Hurricane Katrina as prophecy from Revelations. Twice.

Is it sweeps already, or are the haunted houses, crusades and voodoo just the 'diversity' angle of religion coverage?

Watch the whole segment here.

Incidentally, the story's cite of Revelations 10 and 11 appears to be inaccurate as neither chapter mentions flooding or a storm.